Trashed Out | Burglars Posing As Bank Workers Steal All of Woman’s Belongings From House

We have often discussed this is the upcoming fool-proof get rich quick scheme.

Say you are “FROM THE BANK” and help yourself to any contents of any home you choose!


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  1. Todd says:

    Please ,Please, Please – Wake up. The school administrators, government, banks, politicians are all bought and paid for. This is not hysterical statement, it is fact and has been occurring for the past century.Ca. Gov Code 1027.5 even puts it out in plain sight. Everyone in the fraudclosure fight (I’m smack in the middle) needs to know who they are fighting from the 40k foot level. Get and read- None Dare Call it A Conspiracy from 1972, (136 pgs) and then you will understand the reaction from school admin, media, et al. and it makes perfect sense.

    When you raise these issues they are going to ridicule, attack, threaten, intimidate, bribe and/or coerce the messenger. Been at the receiving end many times. Go around them- don’t attempt to take them head on. If we are going to put stop to the hyper speed NWO takeover we collectively need to get smarter at tactics to beat them. They have had a century plus of practice.

    Hope this made sense and readers take what is happening (elimination of private property rights) as just one step in the global take over. It’s just part of their plan. Learn to organize in your community- go directly to parents and homeowners. Don’t play around with the gov. stooges. They have been infiltrating every level for the last century are in on it. The ones that are not directly involved are too scared or too dumbed down to do anything. This is going to occur on grass roots community level.

    Learn to community organize around common goals- i.e. you may be next, preserving real estate values, etc. Find a reason to get those that don’t care to care and go around the stooie gov. idiots.

    Hang tough and make sure the teenagers know exactly what is going on because the next generation has chance to reversing the trend.

    never give up

  2. Sharon says:

    Recently in Colorado an organization concerned about homeless children spoke up to inform teachers, counselors and school administrators that foreclosures in the county would increase and to be on the lookout for at risk children that are homeless in case they need additional counseling.

    The community including the school administrators chastised the organization and the person that dared to care about homeless students and made statements like “the sky is falling” or “chicken little” and the situation isn’t bad at all.

    I don’t know why this had/has such an impact on me. Perhaps it’s the uncaring of the school administrators that would think it was okay for even one child to be homeless let alone a large number of them. It might have been the fact that most foreclosures were/are illegal wasn’t even on their radar. Perhaps it was that they were being smug and thinking it wasn’t really going to impact them. But I was deeply moved by this and started a task force/working group in our state to socialize the impact foreclosures are having on pension funds so that I can yank them out of their stupor.

    So I wrote, You state workers that have your pension funds with PERA, are you not aware that your pension fund won’t be there for you when you retire? And I went on to explain that because these pension funds are heavily invested in mortgage-backed securities it means that the entire loan, the foreclosure mill attorneys’ fees, the taxes and homeowners insurance and the repairs and maintenance of the property that will now sit idle for years because they foreclosed illegally will all be charged to your pension fund. Why because your pension fund is heavily invested in mortgage-backed securities and had you worked out a lower payment for the homeowner your loss wouldn’t have been so severe and you may have been able to collect a little upon retirement. Now thanks to illegal foreclosures it is completely gone. The joke is on you.

    There are only a few Matt Weidner’s in the world, people that see things way before everyone else. Most people don’t get it until it affects them. Those people are the losers for those that understand what is going on will know enough to prepare for the worst.

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