Spanish Woman Commits Suicide As Foreclosure Agents Walk Into Her Apartment

Spanish Woman Commits Suicide As Foreclosure Agents Walk Into Her Apartment

The intensification of the financial crisis in Spain, and across Europe, is having very real effects on the lives of people.  Beyond the rise in the unemployment rate, widespread foreclosures across Spain have caused at least two suicides over the past few weeks, along with an unsuccessful attempt in the city of Valencia.  The latest case, reported on Friday, involved a 53-year-old woman who jumped from her sixth-story balcony in the Basque city of Barakaldo as foreclosure agents forced open her door.

Spain has been one of the hardest hit victims of the European sovereign debt crisis.  Mired in a deep recession, the Iberian nation has seen the unemployment rate skyrocket above 25%, with youth joblessness reaching 50%.  The consequence of a real estate bubble, Spain’s crisis has led to a slew of foreclosures across the nation.

The latest victim has been Amaya Egaña, a former municipal councilwoman for the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.  According to Spanish daily El Pais, Egaña jumped to her death from a sixth-floor balcony on Friday as a legal team from the local court walked into her apartment to foreclose on her.  Receiving no response after ringing the bell and knocking on the door, a locksmith opened the door, only to find Egaña standing on a chair to jump from her balcony.  Egaña was found alive, but paramedics had no chances of saving her life.

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