Editorial: Bondi Struck Bad Deal on $200 Million from Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Editorial: Bondi struck bad deal on $200 million from mortgage fraud settlement

Attorney General Pam Bondi assured Floridians that $300 million from a national mortgage settlement would go to distressed homeowners. She can’t keep that promise, though, because she’s given the Florida Legislature control over most of the money.

Ms. Bondi just agreed to get $60 million to homeowners right away. At next month’s meeting of the Legislative Budget Commission, she will seek amendments to disburse the money for down payments and foreclosure-related legal assistance. Ms. Bondi designated $40 million as civil penalties, but gave the Legislature power to appropriate the remaining $200 million.

Florida is one of 49 states to share a $25 billion settlement with the nation’s five largest banks over allegations of foreclosure fraud. The attorneys general of each state and federal regulators negotiated the deal. Florida homeowners will get $7.5 billion directly from the lenders. The attorneys general divided another $2.5 billion in direct aid, based on the size of their states and how hard they were hit by the foreclosure crisis.

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  1. Donewiththebs says:

    Thats key here all over America is that not only have those in gov offices forgot that the PEOPLE are the ones that select there gov officials and the people make or at least should be making the rules,not the ones that the people put there.Things are very ass backwards at the momement,but could be fixed in a weeks time if WE THE PEOPLE come together and demand it be fixed,demand that those elected officials do there jobs as the people would want and with an ounce of integrity.Elected officials should not be selling there souls to corp America and selling us all out just for monetary gain.There is no possible way to sustain things like that but it seems everyone could care less,they just want that money and want to have all there silly “things” when it will not matter when money no longer has value.Perfect example is the issues with the sham that was pulled on the homeowners and everyone who refi’d 2003-2007,its a bloody joke that it’s not been fixed and its a joke that these criminals have been allowed to take homes with Bunk assignments,forged and fraudulent documents,fraudulent originations,no disclosure to whom the real “owner” of the notes is,and all the fake criminal acts that go with that BS.The people could stop it all if we come together and not wait for our elected officials to nothing and get paid for it.Wow it is a sad state of affairs,at another time,and if we most were not behaving like cattle just going along the CEO’s of these criminal banks would be hanging from there necks in the streets trying to swindle the people in such a fashion.Lets wake up and fix these issues before its too late,this is not the kinda crap you want your kids to have to deal with,and not the example to set for a positive world.Good luck to us all.

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