Foreclosure Evictions Halted for Two Years After Second Suicide

Spain Halts Evictions After Second Suicide

Spanish banks have agreed to halt repossessions for the most vulnerable – three days after a woman jumped to her death as officials arrived to evict her from her home.

The two-year suspension will be observed by the country’s largest banks, and comes amid public outrage over the growing number of evictions affecting thousands of people caught in the economic crisis.

Kuxtabank, a lender in the northern Spain, was reportedly the first to make the unprecedented move after client Amaia Egana reportedly threw herself from the balcony of her flat in Barakaldo, in the Basque capital Bilbao.

The 53-year-old former Socialist politician’s death on Friday was the country’s second apparent suicide linked to evictions and sparked protests in the capital Madrid.

Fifteen days earlier, Jose Miguel Domingo, also 53, was found dead in the courtyard of his building in Granada moments after bailiffs appeared to evict him.

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3 Responses to “Foreclosure Evictions Halted for Two Years After Second Suicide”
  1. tim says:

    Gee would our government do that? I think NOT.

  2. Ann says:

    SOOOO – What is the total for the US on deaths caused by foreclosure ?? Why is the “EMPATHETIC” press etc. not publishing the figures or even CAREING about it? DUH!
    Such a sad situation ! Whatever DID happen to empathy? Maybe it just died of natural causes?

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      Died because Gov is no substitute for real compassion…and people,if we can call them that,don’t care in their dumbed down numbed down self absorption..all is built on a lie…this Earth is for all who live…they never did or will”own” it…soon the real truth will,Dawn…everyone needs a Home however humble and oh yes we could have long ago.Solid.

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