Lynn Szymoniak Re: Fraudulent Mortgage Documents in the Case of Mark Harris

Re: Fraudulent Mortgage Documents in the Case of Mark Harris

Lynn E. Szymoniak
Director, Housing Justice Foundation
505 South Flagler Drive, Suite 1331
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

November 9, 2012

Dear Mr. Harris and Occupy Our Homes Atlanta:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to examine some of the mortgage documents that have been used to foreclose on Mr. Mark Harris. As Veterans Day approaches, I am grateful to have an opportunity to help a retired veteran, Mr. Harris, stay in his home.

After review, I consider the documents I reviewed to be fraudulent and, in my opinion, no foreclosure should proceed on the basis of these documents.

I looked at the following documents:

1. Transfer of Security Deed from National City Real Estate Services, LLC to National City Mortgage, Inc. f/k/a National City Mortgage Company –
Signed by Jeff Blum, Mortgage Officer, Team One Mortgage Services, Inc. on July 15, 2008 in Montgomery County, OH.

2. Assignment of Mortgage/Deed from “PNC Bank National Association Successor By Merger National City Bank” to Green Tree Servicing, LLC –
Signed by Bryan Bly and Crystal Moore, Vice Presidents, PNC Bank National Association Successor By Merger National City Bank on April 6, 2010 in Pinellas County, FL.

3. “Corrective” Assignment of Security Deed from PNC Mortgage, a Division of PNC Bank, N.A. s/b/m National City Real Estate Services, LLC s/b/m National City Mortgage, Inc. f/k/a National City Mortgage Company to Green Tree Servicing, LLC –
Signed by Vilma Castro and Elsa McKinnon, as Vice President and Assistant Secretary, respectively, of PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC Bank, NA, s/b/m National City Real Estate Services, LLC, s/b/m National City Mortgage, Inc., f/k/a National City Mortgage Company on July 22, 2011 in Pinellas County, FL.

The reason stated for the correction was “to correct bank signing was rec’d 4-12-2010.”

4. “Corrective” Assignment of Security Deed, also to Green Tree Servicing, LLC –
Signed by Lisa RisingMoore, Asst. Vice President, PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC Bank, NA, s/b/m National City Real Estate Services, LLC, s/b/m National City Mortgage, Inc., f/k/a National City Mortgage Company by its Attorney- In-Fact Green Tree Servicing, LLC on November 1, 2011 in Pinellas County, FL.

The reason stated for the correction was “to correct the notary section within the Assignment of Security Deed recorded on 4-12-2010.”

5. An Affidavit of Lost Assignment that states that the current mortgagee, PNC Bank, NA successor by Merger National City Bank cannot locate any Assignment from Team One Services, Inc. to current mortgagee –
Signed by Bryan Bly, Vice President, PNC Bank, NA Successor By Merger National City Bank.

I have examined over 10,000 Mortgage Assignments since 2009 from at least 20 states and hundreds of banks, mortgage companies and document preparation companies. The documents in Mr. Harris’ file are some of the worst prepared, conflicting and unreliable documents I have seen.

As set forth above, there are two “corrective assignments” and a Lost Assignment Affidavit. This Affidavit was signed on April 6, 2010, by Bryan Bly, who claims to have personal knowledge of the facts of this case. This is obviously false as there is indeed an Assignment from Team One Mortgage Services.

This is yet another case where no one is really whom they claim to be.

Most importantly, Jeff Blum, who claims to be a mortgage officer for Team One, was actually an employee of National City Mortgage. Mr. Blum has posted his resume online at LinkedIn. National City Mortgage is assigning to itself, using the subterfuge of having one of its employees, Jeff Blum, signing as an officer of Team One Mortgage.

As for the subsequent three assignments, all to Green Tree Servicing, all three were signed by individuals claiming to be officers of PNC Bank or PNC Mortgage, but in fact, all of these individuals are well-known employees of Nationwide Title Clearing, a mortgage document mill in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit against Nationwide Title Clearing in February, 2012. “The practices that NTC used were a key contributor to the mortgage crisis by undermining the integrity and accuracy of the mortgage servicing and foreclosure process,” Attorney General Madigan said in a press release at the time the lawsuit was filed.

The fraudulent practices of Bryan Bly, the NTC employee who signed both an Assignment and an Affidavit in the Harris case,were discussed in a Reuters article by Scott Paltrow who wrote as follows regarding notorious robo-signers:

“Among them is Bryan Bly, an employee of Nationwide Title Clearing of Palm Harbor, Florida. Bly testified in a July 2010 foreclosure case in Florida that he signed up to 5,000 mortgage assignments per day at the loan-servicing company. Although he is an employee of Nationwide, he signed the documents as a “vice president” of Option One Mortgage, Deutsche Bank, CitiBank and other institutions. (Case # 2009-CA-1920, Circuit Court of the Fourth Judicial District, Clay County, FL)

In his deposition, Bly said Nationwide multiplied his output by electronically stamping his signature on additional mortgage assignments that Bly said he never saw. He testified, too, that all the documents then were falsely notarized. Nationwide’s notaries were given stacks of the already-signed documents, he said, and attested falsely that Bly had signed the legal papers in front of them. Bly said he didn’t verify the information in the papers he signed, and that he didn’t understand key words and expressions in them.”

Corrective Assignment #4 above also does not stand up to scrutiny as we have Green Tree acting as both assignor and assignee. In addition, the individual signing as an employee of Green Tree is actually an employee of Nationwide Title Clearing.

The abuses in this case are egregious. These are the kinds of abuses that the Justice Department and the Attorney General Task Force have been working to enjoin and prevent.

I am prepared to testify and swear to all of the above.

Best regards,



12 Responses to “Lynn Szymoniak Re: Fraudulent Mortgage Documents in the Case of Mark Harris”
  1. Amohe says:

    A Floridan family is fighting an illegal foreclosure and launched an online petition in order to save their home of 36 years.

    Please consider adding your voice to the petition – it would be so greatly appreciated !!!

  2. Spitfire says:

    I have a Bryan Bly assignment, assigning my loan to a “pool” or “trust” three years after the Trust was closed. I have the deposition from Bryan Bly stating he had no clue what he was signing. He also admits the notary, Bobbie Jo Stoldt never actually signed anything in person, she had a stamp with her signature on it and thats how they “notarized” the “assignments.” We have all this PROOF of fraid and yet my attorney seems clueless as how to move forward with my case. I think a Summary Judgment showing they have no standing to try to foreclose would be the ONLY prudent thing to do.

    How do I hire Lynn Syzmoniac??

  3. lies is all they tell says:

    i have a question? i am in foreclosire in florida. I have a good lawyer that gets it but i still have many unanswered questions. I have no recorded assignments. NONe. so i do not understamd how there can be so much fraud re- robo signed assignments yet i have been given information that the foreclsoign bank does not need an assignment to foreclose? now i am so confused. PS i am in discovery wells fargo was suppose to answer by sept 30 have not heard anything yet.

  4. Louise says:

    The lies, fraudulent documents, forged documents, robo-signing just keeps on keeping on. How come Mr. Bly has not been arrested and charged? He is low-hanging fruit. Maybe he will roll on the some of the ones above him. Do not forget that something called an auto pen can be used for forging signatures as well. It really looks like a signature as it causes the paper to be imprinted like a real signature. It is an expensive piece of equipment that is used by government officials and municipalities including the POTUS.

  5. DOMINIC CODIO says:

    Lynn Szymoniak is the best. The banks along with their attorneys continue to pass along these fraudulent documents trying to illegally take people’s homes. Thank goodness for Lynn!!!

    • anne3 says:

      Agreed. I wish there were people like Ms. Szymoniak willing to take on the commercial mortgage fraud as well. Just one commercial mortgage foreclosed through fraudulent means to “save” the bank affected 100s of people at once, destroying businesses and individuals who were not even party to the commercial mortgage, but those were the orders of the US Treasury to National City Bank during the sale to PNC.

  6. Fed Up says:

    Good job Ms. Szymoniak

  7. Sue Em says:

    Lynn certainly rocks! I have always wondered how long a “real assignment of mortgage” would take? Do they have to look over numbers? Can one rightfully assign 100, 200, 300 a day if they had the right documents?
    Anyone know?

    • save homes says:

      Lynn is great! and certainly inspirational. I have an strange situation here. I filed for Bankrupcy after being served a fraudulent foreclosure letter. I was terminated from my employment without reason which seems to be going on here in Stlouis along with the employers acquiring your signature fraudulently.
      The problem is the attorneys representing me pushed fro a Chapter 7 , knowing full well I was in possession of the original Deed.
      They should have moved to state the home was not a secure debt, They failed to do so. The attorneys informed me of the scheduled date for the court being different than what the court files had. This was done intentionally.
      I find myself being harrassed daily without a job. I have learned much more of the signers of the note and have investigated each and every dot on the fake assgnments , Notary , AVP’s and most of all the blank sheet of paper which consist of two stamps offering as the Note, The Judge allowed the foreclosure
      The two endorsers are not Bank representatives at all. I had another property which they are going after as well. The Judge allowed the foreclosure on this property however, with my schedules being completely incorrect and much fraud with the entire Bankrupcy, the re-affirmation agreement was also forged , I sent a compliant to the Bank concerning the fraud with the Assignment of MERS, Forged – Dominique Johnson signature and when Pointing this out to the attorneys , they decided they were unable to represent me any further.
      The attorneys were well aware of the fraud.
      This clearly was Wellsfargo pretending to be Bank of America. I beleive they are the master servicer. These documents were sent from ReContrust under the the impression the package was coming from CoreLogic.
      I am clear the Trust was voided and the payments were being collected along with the loan sold in 2009 to a THF Investor. It was absolute fraud from the beginning.
      I am trying to work towards a solution to my problem at this time.
      HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am currently forming a group of homeowners that have been foreclosed on or currently is going throught the foreclosure ,this has been rather strain. Knocking on doors only to find the neighborhood is saturated with investors and community investment groups. It is out of control.


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