Justice in America: Systematic Document Forgery and Fabrication Yields One Criminal Plea Bargain

Justice in America: Systematic Document Forgery and Fabrication Yields One Criminal Plea Bargain

The Department of Justice and the state of Missouri have each announced criminal plea bargains with one Lorraine Brown, former chief executive of DocX, the Lender Processing subsidiary best known for its price sheet for fabricating the mortgage documents a servicer, or frankly, anyone would need to claim they had standing to foreclose on your home. Funny how that particular DocX product was mentioned no where in the plea deals.

This admission of guilt by Brown for wire and mail fraud on the federal level and fraudulent and forged document filings in Missouri now allows the Obama Administration to claim it has sent another “executive” to jail. And the bizarre progress of this case was that the Missouri attorney general had sued both Brown and LPS, and you’d expect them to cut a deal with Brown to go after the bigger target, LPS. But it’s likely Brown was not very sophisticated; she apparently went to an interview with the FBI without the advice of counsel. Rule number one is don’t lie to the FBI, and the document release Tuesday show that Brown did. And her attorneys let LPS get in front of her. The firm paid $2 million in fines to Missouri and “cooperated” in going after small fry Brown (rather than the bigger fry of LPS’ clients). Nicely played.

Brown admitted guilt to perpetrating a six-year scheme, from 2003 to 2009 to forge and falsify over a million signatures, including now-infamous practices such as “surrogate signing”, in which other employees, typically temps, would forge the signatures of robosigners. The federal penalties are up to five years in prison plus $250,000 in fines; the Missouri penalties re two to three years in prison.

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  1. Tera says:

    “Why Isn’t Wall Street In Jail? … The Feds Are Doing More to Protect Them than to Prosecute Them.” Matt Taibbi presented there a succession of stories about obstruction of justice by the Obama Administration, at least as bad as during the Bush Administration.

  2. keepon says:

    White House Petitions
    Petition the Obama Administration to:
    Halt Foreclosures Nationwide & Prosecute the Financial Criminals


    As of 11/21: 63 ?!? signatures 24,937more needed
    Created 11/14 25,000 signatures needed

  3. mbd733 says:

    Are we to believe that the fradulent document scandal is over, WHAT PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT
    I have an on going foreclosure as of today I am on the fourth bank and six fraudlent documents
    I hope nobody buys into this shit

    • J. Alonzo says:

      I live in Florida. Not only do we have to be careful with the fraud done by the Banksters, but we are told by our defense attorneys that our state judges are mostly bank lovers. They dont even care if the Banksters take a home they dont own as long as you dont get a free house. Thankfully with a good lawyer you still have a chance. The judges here are also Sua Sponte foreclosure cases to trial at their will. The plaintiff and you could be in the middle of discovery and litigation and the judge who is not so supposed pitch the ball or catch in any case will decide enough and force you and the plaintiff to trial. Ready or not. The defendant rarely wins at trial and these state judges know it. Then again the lenders dont like being forced into trial either especially when they are not ready. It cost more and they have to have witnesses. In my case the plaintiff called my attorney as soon as it was set for trial to
      not only allow for a continuance, but offer me a modification. In the end its much better to lawyer up in state court and then file a string of bankruptcies and make them show proof of claim to a Bankruptcy judge who are much more Debtor pro then the Neocon state judges.
      The banksters hate Bankruptcy judges and will sometimes just withdraw the complaint.

  4. Fed Up says:

    The low level soldiers are going to jail what about the Generals when do the CEO’S like Pandit
    the thieving rapist bandit etc go jail?

    • J. Alonzo says:

      Yes they arrest and pillage the lower guy while the big boys laugh their way to the bank.
      Its all BS so the Sheeple remain calm. The fraud is going on, just better done. Our state judges have chosen to turn a blind eye to crime done by the banks. Its slowly happening,
      we are becoming a huge 3rd world country as the banks take over and are not afraid of our laws because they dont apply to them.

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