Animal Control Officer Killed, Bank Rep Injured by Shotgun Blast from Foreclosed Home

Animal control officer killed, bank representative injured by shotgun blast from foreclosed home

GALT – A Sacramento County animal control officer has been killed and a bank representative wounded as they were trying to deal with a pet or pets left inside a home that fell into foreclosure.

The former occupant of the home on First Street in Galt was evicted on Tuesday. He left a pet or pets behind. By law, the foreclosing bank is responsible to care for left-behind pets.

When the two approached the house around noon Wednesday, someone from inside fired a shotgun through the front door, striking the two.

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11 Responses to “Animal Control Officer Killed, Bank Rep Injured by Shotgun Blast from Foreclosed Home”
  1. Alabama John says:

    The KKK saved our farm and home back then from the Northern Aggressor banksters. (Carpetbaggers). We will have another group rise up under some persons leadership like it but called something else if this bank robbing doesn’t stop soon. Who knows what will be their name?

    I know what you are referring to but the KKK did do good too. All I ever saw tied to a tree and whipped were white miners that didn’t support their families because of drunkenness or being sorry in some way and were made to go to work and support their wife and kids as they should.

    I have a portrait of the starter of the KKK on my office wall in his Confederate General uniform. He was also a West Point Graduate hero who after the war for independence gave ALL his great wealth to help his injured soldiers until he was broke.

    What politician would or is doing that now?

    • stripes says:

      I agree. The Black Nobility are the hidden hand and the usurpers. If you don’t understand symbolism you are lost. There is good & bad in every group or organization. Beware of labels, they are dangerous.

  2. When you are involved in illegal activities, such as fraudclosure, then working for the mob has it’s risks. It’s nothing compared to the loss of families due to the banks, not willing to take a penny, but manipulate the average american. Not counting the Suicides/Murders. Spain took notice of Victims, finally, American’s, for shame this is allowed/ The powers that represent us, are far from doing their jobs!

  3. Poof says:

    Civil servants doing the Banksters dirty work go figure. If the Banksters want the house empty they should empty the foreclosed homes in person !

  4. VicHentz says:


    Some poor dog warden gets murdered, bankster escapes.

    This can only get worse.

    God help us!

  5. stripes says:

    This is what lawlessness and stealing gets you, innocent victims. People are fed up and they have every right to feel threatened. These politicians are complete traitors and failures. They should all resign.

  6. Alabama John says:

    Sounds like the taking of property by the banks and speculators coming South after the civil war
    Called them carpetbaggers.
    So many lost their homes for pennies and great profits were made by them giving high interest rate loans to folks on their own property.
    Sad to say it always takes some kind of drastic measures to stop this stealing.
    back then it was the Klu Klux Klan in hoods and today hopefully we can do it by law if law will help as its supposed to.
    If it doesn’t help, but gives in to the money crooks, God help us as who knows what will be next.

  7. It has started and this is taking place nationwide.Pay close attention people are starting to react negativley after years of jumping through hoops and crashing disappointment.Whats next?

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