Florida Foreclosure Cases Moving Like Mud – $4 Million Infusion of Cash Produces Net Gain of Only 435 Cases Cleared Statewide.

The stubborn logjam of cases has pushed some Florida courts to consider, or already launch, new strategies to move cases more swiftly. Miami-Dade County judges are setting cases for trial on their own, forcing both sides to the table and leading defense attorneys to label the practice Florida’s new “rocket-docket.”


Foreclosure cases moving like mud

$4 million infusion of cash produces net gain of only 435 cases cleared statewide.

Florida’s foreclosure courts have made almost no progress in clearing an overwhelming backlog of cases from their dockets despite a $4 million stipend awarded by lawmakers this year.

As of Oct. 31, there were 377,272 pending foreclosures in Florida’s 20 circuit courts, a net reduction of just 435 cases since the money became available in July, according to the state courts administrator.

Judges say new foreclosure filings have nearly outpaced the number of cases they’ve been able to close as banks work on clearing defaulted loans on hold since the robo-signing freezes and pending the National Mortgage settlement, which was finalized in March.

While the $4 million has helped courts statewide close 69,513 cases in four months, 69,078 new cases were added during the same time period.

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5 Responses to “Florida Foreclosure Cases Moving Like Mud – $4 Million Infusion of Cash Produces Net Gain of Only 435 Cases Cleared Statewide.”
  1. J. Alonzo says:

    Any judge presiding over any case is not supposed to pitch or catch the ball. Meaning they are there to judge and rule on OUR LAWS. They have no business setting any case to trial.
    If they want action they can request the plaintiff who initialed the case to move forward or he or she will dismiss the case for lack of prosecution. Our laws dont apply to the banksters. Only very few judges have been honorable enough the enforce the laws and our constitution the way its meant to be.

  2. Incognito123 says:

    Let me see here, WHO CARES ABOUT LEGITIMATE CASES, WE ONLY CARE ABOUT SPEED TO STEAL. Yup, that sounds about right for Florida…..

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    Judge Bailey is a total bank lover. She is the one who sets these cases for trial and encourages other judges to do the same. My home in Miami Dade was set for trial and the case is only a year old and has motions pending. They should just dismiss the cases, but the bank lovers who need to obey the banks set them for trial and usually want to just give the bank the house. On the good side the banks dont like to go to be forced into trial because they need to have their witnesses ready and actually some times have to with draw. In my case the lenders attorney called to work something out. If all else fails take your case out of the corrupt bank loving state court and in to
    bankruptcy court. You will get out of their rotation and eye sight for a while. If nothing is resolved in bankruptcy it will take several months for them to even get back to your case after you have been discharged. If the lender dares to due a motion to remove the your house from the stay. You should file a proof of claim and make the lender show a bankruptcy judge what they got.

  4. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    At least the Greedy Talmudic Satanist in FloriDUH are accurate here!
    It IS all about the Money’$ interest, for the Criminal’s Just US system Legal SCAM.
    This Talmudic Legal Ruse of: jus “fetialies”; (Black’s Law Diction 7th. ed.) a Secret Legal WAR against any, they can Trap in their WEB of Demonic Legal Lies into their Satanic church court with pagan man god’s Battlefield marked by the Masonic Illuminati “G”old Fringed military Tri Ba’al, (three Demon Heads of Ba’al), Standard bearing the Prize Zone for the Ignorant Sheep to be Slaughtered; by ANY Means or Schemes possible?

  5. lies is all they tell says:

    what is meant by cleared. we need to let the judges know these peoples homes. who live here wiht children who go to school. leave these kids alone. stop these foreclosures. leave our kids alone the kids didnt cause this. they are in sports , working, have friends. stop this stealing of our homes. make the foreclosure mills prove ownership. they do not own these homes.

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