Former NBA Star Allen Iverson Halts Auction on Foreclosed Mansion

Former NBA star Allen Iverson halts mansion auction

American basketball star Allen Iverson has managed to stall a planned auction to sell off his foreclosed Atlanta, Georgia mansion by filing legal papers objecting to the sale.

The former NBA icon’s $4.5 million home was due to go under the hammer this week after he allegedly defaulted on his mortgage, but the auction was pulled at the last minute as Iverson claimed he never consented to the bank loan.

The sportsman blames his estranged wife Tawanna, who he is in the process of divorcing, insisting she signed for the mortgage plan in his name even though she knew he could not afford the $1.2 million payment, according to

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3 Responses to “Former NBA Star Allen Iverson Halts Auction on Foreclosed Mansion”
  1. SEE says:

    The problem is these former well known athletes do not know how to manage their money. Very few of them invest wisely.

  2. David Charles says:

    Cant believe Tawanna would do such a thing to allen,he seems like such a great guy,he is so great I named my cat after him.Allen could not have spent the bazillions of doll hairs he earned already, could you have Al?

  3. stripes says:

    Sounds like Iverson had lunch with Lanni Breuer… I just saw the interview on Bloomberg with Matt Miller & special prosecutor Breuer…. Matt asked Mr. Breuer why no criminal prosecutions of HSBC for money laundering….? Mr. Breuer replied because HSBC did not actually do the money laundering…..someone else came in the bank and did the money laundering…..

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