Sewer Service | Ex-Process Server Convicted of 17 Forgery Counts in False Affidavit Scheme

Sewer Service

Ex-process server convicted of more counts in affidavit scheme

A jury convicted former process server Maurice Carroll on Friday of 17 forgery counts in a scheme to file false affidavits in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas justice courts.

The 12-member panel deliberated for three hours after a week of testimony and arguments.

Carroll, 43, a former Las Vegas police officer, was previously convicted of 17 counts of filing false court documents and one count of obtaining money under false pretenses in the 2010 scheme.

At the request of prosecutors, District Judge Elissa Cadish ordered Carroll remanded into custody while he awaits his Jan. 16 sentencing on all 35 felony charges.

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Now what about all those robo-signers?


4 Responses to “Sewer Service | Ex-Process Server Convicted of 17 Forgery Counts in False Affidavit Scheme”
  1. J. Alonzo says:

    I am glad this guy is in jail. Because of him many folks lost their homes with out due process. Now that they got him, lets start with the bigger fish. David J Stern, Marshall Watson. Benz & Katz Jp Morgan, BOA, CITI, but no they cant go against their bosses. The banks control this country and its clear that only the lower scum and the sheeple are subject to our laws. Banksters get a free ride along with out tax dollars.

  2. Elizabeth Wallace says:

    What a great webpage someone sent this to me, now a good other 40 people have it too……….we all know of these evil attorneys, and their troll helpers doing things like this and worse good job reporting truth !!

  3. ILOVEBANERS says:

    The guy just trying to make a living–the deadbeats already know they are in trouble—waste of time even doing service—just should go there with police and drag em out—-too many pansy liberals—banks cannot be expected to lend on houses if this witch hunt goes on—just excuses for deadbeats

    • J. Alonzo says:

      He is going to jail for breaking the law, you dumb, dumb. Not paying your mortgage is a financial move. Florida is a judicial state and the banksters must go through the state court and get approval before they can take possesion of your home. Another thing so you learn something else. Florida is deed state. That means the home owner is an owner along with the banks, which is why they have to take you to court. The banks dont own these homes they are trying to take because they pledge those notes on Wallstreet, So I am glad folks are putting up a fight, while SHEEPLE like you take up the @ss!

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