Reuters: 2012 – The Year of Bank Fraud

Bank Crime

Counterparties: 2012 — The year of bank fraud

It’s been a relatively decent year for financial stocks: they’ve had their best performance since 2003. It’s truly been a boom year, though, in investigations, lawsuits, fines, and settlements at the world’s biggest and most important banks. There are 28 banks on the FSB’s list of systemically important financial institutions, and as Felix writes, “pretty much the whole financial sector is still trading at less than book value”.

What follows is a list of notable accusations, admissions and settlements in 2012 alone.

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  1. Sarah says:

    A disaster year in many ways. More people have lost their homes, are working for slave wages in the service sector, and are barely surviving. Meanwhile, Wall Street is going to destroy the very thing that keeps elderly people from dying on the street. Sickening. Shared sacrifice? More like a war on the 99%.

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