JPMorgan v. Naranjo – Foreclosure Trial In Miami – EVERYONE MUST READ THIS TRANSCRIPT CAREFULLY

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What’s happening down there in Miami in foreclosure courtrooms is a sad reflection on our entire nation’s judicial system.  For lawyers and officers of the court that swore an oath to protect both our clients, the Rule of Law and The Constitution, we must all recognize that we have a sacred duty to speak up, stand up and fulfill our obligations to serve The Law.

The Oath requires that we not sit silent while abuses occur.  The Oath requires that we passionately, professionally and appropriately advocate to protect not just the interests of our clients, but the much larger issues of our damaged nation as a whole.

When fundamental rules of procedure, evidence and law are ignored, our entire nation is in danger. As citizens, and especially as officers of the court, we must all take an active role in defending and protecting our courts.  What is revealed in the attached transcript is a dire need for all of us to step in, step up and start doing the hard work to protect and defend our judicial system.

Full transcript here…


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  1. well, this post is the pits…there is no “A Foreclosure Trial In Miami- I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THIS TRANSCRIPT CAREFULLY……JPMorgan v. Naranjo” to see, wont display and the video saying that video is private, so why post it? You should remove this entire post if it has been partially removed…thank you…

  2. bobbi swann says:

    Where’s Part 2 of the transcript?? What happened to the hearing after the ‘brief recess’? There was no part 2…..

  3. stripes says:

    Here comes the banker and the lawyer and the cop….one things for certain it ain’t never gonna stop. When it all gets too heavy, that’s when they come and they go….they got one thing in common…they got the fire down below – Bob Seger

  4. stripes says:

    The judges have to listen if you are a pro se attorney. You better do your homework before you go see an attorney. The reason why there are not many attorneys fighting the fraud is because Wall Street created the conflicts of interest between the Judges, the attorney’s and WE THE PEOPLE. No attorney’s fighting the fraud in my state is evidence of a vast civil conspiracy. WE THE PEOPLE are the victims of the most monolithic financial fraud in history and we cannot allow corrupt attorneys to collude with traitors who benefit from what we don’t know. We are left to defend ourselves because of mass corruption at all levels of the Govt if we don’t want to lose it all.

  5. Carol says:

    What a joke – or wishful thinking J. Alonzo. “The BK judge will be much more debtor pro and will not tolerate fraudulent documents”! Ha ha ha – that’s a Good One! Been there, done, that, got the T-shirt. Doesn’t happen. Ho Ho Ho – and I’m not Santa Claus…”If the Bk Judge rules that they are committing fraud…” another good one!…and you end it with “the bank loving state judge will have to bow down!” – oh right – we’re seeing that happen everywhere aren’t we? Not. “Lawyer-up doesn’t even work. I guess one could go read what’s REALLY going on-see Matt Weidner’s diary.

    • mrt says:

      J. Alonzo says: unfortunately what Carol says is true ….
      i ended up pro se BECA– USE negligent , stupid , thief “attorneys” i hired just took the money and did nothing,(3 counsels one fake attorney after fund to be just a realtor) well the last one at least opposed summary judgement ( using and ” affidavit” with NO notary seal , unbelievable this “professionals)) .i researched and found a lot of things besides the inconsistencies of their own fraud papers…these lawyers never used any proof or any notary commission i provided to them…… also have no clue about the evident broken chain of title , arguing retarded stupid things……….in court ( add that to the total law and procedures ignorance of these judges)…actually this judge mentioned in Weidner post…ALSO granted several motions for this dissolved plaintiff..(fake bank used by debt collector douglas zahm and the alleged “servicer”)…… i saw that day in court defense counsel for other case….did not even get close to the judge when he waived his hand and screamed , NO ,NO ,, DENIED..counsel tried to say: “but judge this motion”… NO, NO DENIED..but…NO!..
      another one said they don’t have any document or note or anything in defendant’s motion to dismiss (i think was the 3rd in 4 years !!! )….judge set a trial …defense counsel (the first one i really saw trying to DEFEND ITS CLIENT (homeowner)….EXPRESSED THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THERE IS NOTHING TO CONTINUE THIS CASE……this judge just told him: “we will see that in the trial”….thieves counsel did not say a single word…….and so on……

      one “funny” thing….the only ones in court when everything finished were the “banks” attorneys….having a really good and friendly conversations with this judge… sure they have a beer or something after that……bloody bastards……….

  6. mrt says:

    here is a recording of my hearing at miami dade 11th court. motion for fraud denied..
    little background (see video description )..4 notary )actually to this date 6) signatures did not match with commissions…fraud “affidavits”(mismatching amounts ..thousands of difference, executed by an “unknown person”).

    “3 notes” , fraud endorsement signatures, attached copy of the note differs from the “original”, last original note presented alleged endorsed in blank. when finally some other parts of the court fil ” appeared ” showed that no evidence the documentation was ever presented to the trial court..

    but more incredible….just presented the two versions of the note both endorsed to this judge and he stayed mute to the fraud when fraudster alleged the new note now was endorsed in blank…also accepted the fraud signature “executed” in the assignment ( a kid could see the difference)….

    he didn’t want to see all my proof …when standing and affidavits were challenged this judge interrupted and was visually upset …


    • J. Alonzo says:

      Get an attorney! A lot of times when you go Pro Se the judges wont even listen. Lawyer up and also file bankruptcy. If the lender files to remove your loan from the bankruptcy stay. File a proof of claim in the bankruptcy court and then you can have your attorney show the BK jude all the fraud. The Bk judge will be much more debtor pro and will bot tolerate fraudulent documents. If the BK judge rules that they are committing fraud the state has to stand down on what the federal judge says and the bank loving state judge will have to bow down!

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