Tenants Feel Pinch of Rising Rents


Tenants Feel Pinch of Rising Rents

Record-low mortgage rates mean that homeowners have a smaller financial burden for their residences than at any time since the early 1980s.

But here’s the bad news: Rising rents are squeezing many families and leaving them with less to spend.

Several factors have pushed rents up. Rental and apartment housing is in short supply but demand has grown after several years of foreclosures and population growth.

Housing-market turmoil has many potential owners wary of buying real estate. And for many aspiring buyers, qualifying for a mortgage is tough, keeping prospective owners in rentals for longer and locking out those with incomes or credit scores bruised by job loss or foreclosure.

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  1. MeeshaLin says:

    The big banks who commited and continue to commit fraud have put millions of people with no money, no home, and sometimes people have ended their lives due to bank fraud. It’s such a shame that when people lives have been turned upside down others can’t wait to take advantage of them knowing it’s already happened and these people are at rock bottom. Terrible credit scores leads to either not being able to rent an apartment or having to. Put down a much higher security deposit. And why is this? Because we aren’t trusted to pay rent because we lost our homes? It’s pretty clear we’ve all been fallen victim of financial crime so why can’t we be trusted. We can and it’s known but it’s the perfect time to take advantage. It makes me sick!

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