Property Owner In Foreclosure Suspected Of Staging Mistaken Mob Hit, Then Torching Premises To Cash In On $500K+ Insurance Policy


Windham fire explanation too ‘sensational’ for investigators

Court papers say Donato Corsetti staged the fire to collect on an insurance policy.

The owner of an apartment building in Windham that burned on Dec. 7 is now suspected of setting the fire and then tying himself up to make it look like a mob hit.

Investigators with the state Fire Marshal’s Office have not charged Donato Corsetti, 66, owner of the Corsetti’s Market next to the apartment building. But officials say in court papers that they believe he set the fire to collect on an insurance policy.

“Donato’s objective was to make the event so sensational by staging an attack that investigators would not suspect him as the perpetrator,” wrote Christopher Stanford, senior investigator for the Fire Marshal’s Office, in an affidavit in support of a search warrant.

Only Corsetti was hurt in the fire. People who were in an adjacent apartment got out safely.

Corsetti’s apartment building and his own home had recently been foreclosed on, and he still owed more than $174,000, according to the affidavit filed Dec. 17 in Cumberland County Unified Criminal Court.

He was served with eviction papers three days before the fire.

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5 Responses to “Property Owner In Foreclosure Suspected Of Staging Mistaken Mob Hit, Then Torching Premises To Cash In On $500K+ Insurance Policy”
  1. Just in case any of you missed this late-breaking news…the “Independent Foreclosure Review” is toast. This is a load of crap. I filed my “review request” over a year ago. When I receive no results after six months, I contacted the OCC to complain and was told the “review” process would NOT BEGIN until after the filing deadline, which was pushed back I believe 3 times, until 12/31/12. So this statement from the NYT report is deceptive at best, an outright lie at worst: “The costs of the reviews have ballooned, though, according to people with knowledge of the reviews, in part because each loan file is taking up to 20 hours to review. Since its inception, the reviews have cost the banks about $1.5 billion, according to those people.”
    What I want to know is, how will they compensate me for the time, effort and materials in assembling the data sent to them as part of the “review process”? IMHO they’ve screwed us again! Here’s the link:

  2. Sarah says:

    Trying to collect on an insurance policy the old fashioned way? That’s not the way Banksters did it. Each borrower/mark set up to fail was covered. No way to lose when you “own the police.”

  3. KT Hamlet says:

    I checked his on-line Public Records…Poor guy has a Linda Green, GreenTree Services LLC is the culprit. Lots of players involved in this foreclosure.

  4. Hmmmm…..this is what happens when you push people way tooo far.It’s not brain surgery or rocket science,maybe someday the banks will figure it out.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      agreed pamela, this has to stop.peopel are driven by stress. stress brought me to these web sites when i figured out the bank was cheating me. i thank everyday for the knowledge i gain and for my lawyer and my judges.

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