Locksmiths Say They’ll No Longer Assist With Evictions


Locksmiths say they’ll no longer assist with evictions

Spanish banks looking to foreclose on delinquent mortgage owners in and around Pamplona will no longer have the assistance of the community’s locksmiths. Last month, they announced they would no longer change the locks on people banks want to evict.

In Spain, in 2012, more than 50,000 families were evicted from their homes when they failed to pay their rent or mortgage.

As the year wound down, a handful of people committed suicide after learning they would be evicted. Now, in Pamplona, a group of experts who help carry out the evictions has said ‘No more.’ Those experts? Locksmiths.

It’s a pretty ingenious way to stop evictions, really.

The police might come and drag debtors out. But if no one changes the locks on the apartment, the bank can’t repossess it, because the evictees can get back in.

And the legal proceedings to get them out again would take months, even years.

Banks and government authorities have been evicting an average of two families a day in recent months in and around Pamplona. Locksmiths like Iker de Carlos are hoping to put an end to it. De Carlos says in this small city, the dozen or so locksmiths often know the people they have to lock out.

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4 Responses to “Locksmiths Say They’ll No Longer Assist With Evictions”
  1. John says:

    I have seen this article a few times on different sources with different ways of looking at it. As far as I am concenred, its the banks and the bankers who caused this mess anyway so it should be them who foot the bill, not ordinary people.


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  2. I am very happy to see that Locksmiths stick up together, especially in these austere times. The banks have created the problem in the first place, and yet have the audacity to ruin people’s lives. Well done to my fellow locksmiths, may we all unite! I am a locksmith in Watford, UK.

  3. talktotennessee says:

    Oh, yeh, they drilled the lock out of the door and broke the security door so it could not be locked and placed their keybox on it for easy entry and pickings! Mind you this is not an REO but private property that they forced their way in and stole items!

  4. talktotennessee says:

    Tenant had things apcked and moving out of one side of duplex that was listed as a short sale. Bank sends in their jackbooted thugs to “encure the their investment” winterize and ‘clean up.’ Of course there is a vast interpretation on what these guys consider maintenance and they cleaned out the tenant’s things, stealing his shirts, personal items, etc.
    No, this is not the exception. This is the norm. Homeowners are blamed for vandalizing homes but guess who is stealing the appliances and things out of some of them? You got it, it is those contractors the bank hires to protect their interests. These pop up companies are everywhere now, hiring dayworkers off the corners to do the grunt work and stealing as they go, ACs, etc. Coming back after the initial visit and cleaning house of what they can sell. Have one of the businesses near me that runs a massive parking lot sale of “stuff we cleaned out of houses that people left,” the lady said.
    Injustice everywhere. I called and complained to the bank’s contractor and the tenant was advised to file a police report. Zero tolerance folks. Report these crooks every chance you get!

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