Feds Wait Until Home Goes Into Foreclosure & Ex-Servicemember Dies Before Coughing Up Pension Benefits


Veterans die awaiting pension benefits

In November, more than a year after Vietnam veteran John Conrad died of leukemia, the VA sent his widow a letter acknowledging his cancer was caused by exposure to the toxic defoliant Agent Orange.

The decision marked a reversal for the agency, which had denied Conrad’s claim for disability benefits for three years while the former Army specialist was still alive. The denials had come despite supporting medical opinions from a series of doctors, including the VA’s own oncologist.

“We went through our savings and our retirement money. And then, after he died, they said they made a mistake and sent a check for $79,000,” his widow, Linda Conrad, said in an interview at her home outside Phoenix.

By the time the VA reversed itself, the family home was in foreclosure. Linda Conrad, who had quit her job as a paralegal to care for her husband during his last days, found her efforts to secure a new job thwarted by the recession.

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3 Responses to “Feds Wait Until Home Goes Into Foreclosure & Ex-Servicemember Dies Before Coughing Up Pension Benefits”
  1. Way to go VA score another one for the government and our vets are still suffering.Government intervention has proven to all of us that they can’t be trusted.Yet this continues.The people of the USA need to stand up and take our country back or these situations will continue never to be resolved.

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    I know this happens daily to many Viet Nam vets that do not even know they have rights to collect on what our country has “Made” or enticed them to do, in my time it was a “draft”, now they pay them quite well considering the times, they still do the mind bending to these service people in the glory of oil or whatever, we have never needed to go to war, we have only needed to protect our own soil. Too many deadbeat financial satanic evil in the mix. They will never treat the vets right “Never” and the vets have to continually fight for what they should be receiving and NOT after dying or before but NOW!!!! this is disgusting and vile!!!!

  3. bobbi swann says:

    Ya know, these asswipes that sit in the VA claims dept. have no clue whatsoever of the life of a veteran. How they fought and continue to fight for the freedoms of those who sit behind those computer screens. Those vets who gave their lives & those who continuously put their lives in danger and all for those of us who are here at home. This is shameful and a disgrace of the American government. My sister (who is in her late 60’s) recently visited a Cracker Barrel for lunch. Inside the dining area was about 10 Vietnam Vets having lunch. Some were mamed; some in wheelchairs, some with canes. She said it was a sight to see. After finishing her meal she went over to the group and introduced herself. And then she thanked them but the more she talked of her gratefulness of their contribution the more she began to cry. She shook each and every hand of those vets and she said it was not enough. A vet’s life is changed when returning from war even if they don’t carry scars or loss of limb. We have failed to honor these vets and we DO owe them more than just a Thank You and a handshake.

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