Los Angeles Attorney, Tony Tolbert, Offers His House to Homeless Family for a Year

Man offers his house to homeless family for a year

(CBS News) For most parents, when a child leaves the nest it’s usually for good. But at age 51, Tony Tolbert has come home again. And it’s for all the right reasons — or so says his mom.

“He is so giving, and he’s always been that way,” said Marie Tolbert.

Tony grew up in a home that always seemed to have a spare bed — thanks to his father – Jimmy Tolbert.

An entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles, Tolbert’s dad extended a hand to almost anyone down on their luck. In fact, Tolbert can’t remember a time there wasn’t someone extra living in their house — and that gave the Harvard-educated attorney an idea.

He decided to take his dad’s generosity one step further.

He announced he was moving back home, because he was giving up his own fully furnished L.A. home, rent free, for a full year  — to a family he’d never even met.



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  1. 1ofthemany says:

    This is what we all are tying to do in small and large fashion from time to time, if only, if only the damn bankster would get it, they will not and they will indeed get theirs in time all in good time, good for this wonderful man and his wonderful giving father for teaching him what life is about…giving the Love..plain and simple. Good story great man from good roots. May the Love go viral, wishing all well and to be at peace,our true birth right…love and peace to ALL.

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