Fight Club Attorney George Attorney Babcock to Argue Defining Foreclosure Case in Front of Retired United States Supreme Court Justice

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“Send your minions that  I may  lay waste  to them before me.“ ~ George Babcock


Attorney Babcock to Argue Defining Case in front of retired United States Supreme Court Justice

On Wednesday, January 9, Attorney George Babcock will be arguing on appeal Culhane vs. Aurora Loan Services of Nebraska, C.A.No. 11-11098-WGY in front of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

Arguments in the case will be heard by Chief Judge, the Hon. Sandra L. Lynch, retired Supreme Court Justice, the Hon. David Souter, and Rhode Island Senior Circuit Judge, the Hon. Bruce M. Selya. The central issue being argued consists of whether the mortgage was properly assigned from Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) to the foreclosing entity (Aurora Loan Services), and whether this granted Aurora the legal ability to foreclose on Culhane’s property. The mortgage assignment and how it plays into the foreclosing entities right to foreclose is one of the key issues in many of the cases Attorney Babcock and his team of lawyers work on each day.

The memorandum, raises another issue central to this case; the conflict of interest posed by the certifying officers, who effectively wear “two hats” simultaneously: that of assignor (as an agent for MERS) and assignee (as an employee of the note holder or its servicing agent).

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  1. Quote (“MERS(the original mortgagee”)) is not the mortgagee so this expert blows it write off the bat with this confusion about what MERS is as explained otherwise in the brief. For MERS to be the mortgagee, MERS would have to have been the original lender that loaned the principal.

  2. stripes says:

    It is all about the credit default swap insurance money for the FED shareholders (the banks) and their investors, the 4 large institutional investors controlled by the 8 largesse banking families. This was never about the money, this was about the theft of our property rights for these crooks. They forced default and told you to stop paying until the loan mod paperwork came in the mail. When you are in default for 2 months, they all collect the cds insurance money….both the shareholders of the banks and their investors were insured against the risk Wall Street was told to create by them. That one deception, telling you not to pay.. set the wheels of fraudclosure in motion, and proves deceit with intent to harm. This story also can be cooberated by millions of Americans. Their deceit was criminal, intentional and is well documented.

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