Oregon Supreme Court To Consider ‘MERS’ Mortgage System

MERS Shell Game

Oregon Supreme Court To Consider ‘MERS’ Mortgage System

The Oregon Supreme Court is expected to hear two cases this week involving the mortgage industry’s Mortgage Electronic Registration System, also known MERS.

When Wall Street started bundling home loans and selling them off to investors, MERS was created as shortcut around county recording requirements. Instead of recording each change of ownership, MERS is listed on the documents as the beneficiary. And often it’s the party that initiates foreclosure.

This summer, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that MERS lacked the ability to to foreclose on behalf borrowers under Oregon’s non-judicial foreclosure laws.

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  1. tim says:

    How could this issue even make it to the supreme court….?
    Somebody stole America….big banks and lobby…….its disgusting…..someone should post the lawyers involved addresses and llet the angry and homeless have a word w them……..when will these big banks be happy? When were all living in cardboard boxes?

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