What We in the 1 Percent Don’t Want the 99 Percent To Know

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What We in the 1 Percent Don’t Want the 99 Percent To Know

We don’t wish to be rude, but if you are not one of us – part of the 1 Percent, that is – you are not meant to be reading this message. With some exceptions, you should go back to whatever it is you have been doing. If you happen to be some kind of troublemaker, inclined, say, to question things or work toward change – a terrorist, to be frank – be assured that we know what you are doing. Thanks to our creeping surveillance apparatus we will soon put an end to your efforts, whether by misrepresenting your position, holding you up to public ridicule, sending you to jail, or making war with you. If you are not a terrorist, then we don’t much care what it is you have been doing. But be comforted in the knowledge that you must be doing it well, because you have not inconvenienced us in the slightest. We thank you for your cooperation. Now kindly go away.

We take it, now, that the 99 Percent have departed and gone back to whatever it is they do, and that it is therefore safe for us – the 1 Percent – to cut the niceties and be forthright. The fact is that, in recent times, various snippets of knowledge normally privy only to ourselves have seeped out to small sections of the 99 Percent. For those unfamiliar with the new terminology, by “99 Percent” we mean what are sometimes called the sheeple or, in less precious times, trash. Some on our more liberal wing preferred “human” trash. Considering their humanity is far from obvious, on balance the pithier version of the old terminology seems more apt. Whatever. We digress.

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  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    @ Pamela – it’s not meant for us to understand but it’s all mathematically based. All in the numbers! If you really read what is written you can see that there is not a lot of conjecture. Think about one situation where we have such high unemployment. An employer can now hire “new” employees at a much lower rate and at the same time use the leverage of unemployment to more or less threaten an existing employee to do more work, more responsibility and for the same pay or even lower pay just because of the threat of loss of their job and the ‘belief’ conjured by the elitist that the probability of a new job is alost non-existant. Now with Obamacare coming to fruition, employers are dropping full timers to part timers as a cost-saving means because they don’t have to spend the (per full time employee) costs under Obamacare but in fact place that burden now on the shoulders of the (once) full timer now part timer. They will hire more “new” employees at the part time rate and all the while it will be reported that new jobs have been created due to this increase in part time jobs. The goods and services that are produced by that employer do not fall one iota….but the cost is reduced and therefore the profit margin is increased. It is the standard of living for the 99% that will change; not the 1%. Get it?????

  2. An interesting little ditty something we sub humans could not possibly understand.I mean Really?Seriously?What planet are these people from?Even Star Wars showed more imagination.

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