A Reminder of Foreclosure Crisis, Homeless Living in Parking Lots (VIDEO)




3 Responses to “A Reminder of Foreclosure Crisis, Homeless Living in Parking Lots (VIDEO)”
  1. Melissa says:

    We should help each other. But, we should never forget why people are in the streets….our government is nonexistent. Americans have got to wake up and realize that our “elected” officials are crooks.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Dear homeless foerclosure victims if you can find the home of a bank CEO

  3. I see this everyday and not just at Walmart.It’s at all major retailers parking lots.Was there myself not too long ago.Especially rough for people with furry family and children.Credit rating smashed,lessmoney or no money at all and no place to go.The banks did this to us so eventually we would all end up in debtors prison and be more easily controlled.Please if you see this taking place in your community extend your hand and resources to help,it is a scary place to be most especially for children.You may not be able to help all but even one makes things better.Then they can help others as well.If we all did this and tried to take care of one another we would not need welfare and government control in our lives.JMHO.

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