The White House is the Most Expensive Residence in the U.S.

White House

How much is the White House worth?

Today on Inauguration Day, we take a look at the most expensive residence in the U.S.- the White House.

While it will never be on the market, the property where the President of the United States calls home is worth just under $300 million, according to real estate site Zillow.

Using their proprietary Zestimate® algorithm, which calculates a home’s estimated worth based in part on public data and recent sales, the mansion that sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is valued at $294.9 million.

During President Barack Obama’s first term, the value of the White House has slowly risen by 7%. When the first family moved in back in January of 2009, its value was estimated at $275.6 million. Reflective of the rest of the country, the value peaked in summer of 2006, at $299.9 million.

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2 Responses to “The White House is the Most Expensive Residence in the U.S.”
  1. Wayne Lewis says:

    That residence is not part of the U.S. Washington D.C. in not part of the U.S. Part of the big scam of this “country”.

  2. The white house is actually worth trillions to the banksters!.It is the eye of the beholder and the banksta’s eyes are popping out with joy to have bought the white house. This house no longer belongs to the American people, until we bring justice back to the courtrooms.

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