No Details Yet on How Bulk of Florida’s $334 Million Fraudclosure Settlement Will be Spent


No details yet on how bulk of $334 million foreclosure settlement will be spent

GOP legislative leaders vowed that $200 million from a mortgage foreclosure settlement will be spent on helping homeowners but said they do not know yet how they will divvy up the money.

“We’re not going to be spending this money on members’ favorite projects that have nothing to do with the crisis. The idea is to focus the resources on helping the people who are in the greatest needs,” House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, said at a press conference Thursday with Attorney General Pam Bondi and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville.

Weatherford pledged to work with Bondi, who wrangled with the legislative leaders for months over control of Florida’s $334 million settlement made in March as part of a national agreement between attorneys general and the nation’s five largest banks.

“You’ll be hearing from us,” Bondi, standing beside Weatherford, promised.

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2 Responses to “No Details Yet on How Bulk of Florida’s $334 Million Fraudclosure Settlement Will be Spent”
  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    Didn’t I read today (1/27/13) that they did decide……and guess what? NONE, zilch, nada, zero….is going to the (damaged) homeowner….BUT they are setting funds aside to help NEW homeowners under a down payment assistance program using these funds. Now isn’t that ironic? Funds from a fraud settlement supposedly aimed at restitution for those homeowner’s who were defrauded is actually going to help others buy a home. Some is going to Legal Aid and some is going to the courts to help bring about FASTER foreclosures in order to speed up the economy!!!! Yep, you heard that correctly.

  2. TheHutMaster says:

    Well, we shal see. In the meantime, when does Bondi plan on jailing the criminals that cause this mess?
    We can start with the fraud being filed upon our courts by LPS/DOCX and the criminal FC Mill Attornies.

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day

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