Florida Couple Battles Wells Fargo Foreclosure, Wins (VIDEO)

Couple fights Wells Fargo, wins

Well, kinda wins…

They got their original payment amount reinstated on a home that is most likely underwater…



2 Responses to “Florida Couple Battles Wells Fargo Foreclosure, Wins (VIDEO)”
  1. Val says:

    ….and made unsecured with intent – greed – felon felt we were all too ignorant to figure out his sheme–intangobale obligation is unsecured as the felons did not want to take time to propertly process, negotiate, endorse paper note and record paper deed of trust- like adolescents they are me me me and I want it now! Who cares about Federal Statutes! Certificate Hoders and Homeowners will never figure it out…they still live in “It’s A Wonderful World of Banking”. Little due these victims know there are now two worlds – two notes – two deed of trust – ONE SET BEING ILLEGAL (ELECTRONIC SET)and MERS to hide and confuse—MERS who cannot operate with Local Jurisdiction Real Property Laws.

  2. Val says:

    Required to pay on an intangible obligation which maybe involved in securities fraud is sickening.

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