Anonymous Threatens Justice Department Over Activist Aaron Swartz’s Death


“The hackers said they have obtained “enough fissile material for multiple warheads,” which it would launch against the justice department and “its associated executive branches.”


Anonymous threatens Justice Department over hacktivist death

(CNN) — In anger over the recent death of an Internet activist who faced federal charges, hackers claiming to be from the group Anonymous threatened early Saturday to release sensitive information about the U.S. Department of Justice.

They claimed to have one such file on multiple servers ready for immediate release.

The hackers apparently hijacked the website of the U.S. government agency responsible for federal sentencing guidelines, where they posted a message demanding the United States reform its justice system or face incriminating leaks to select news outlets.

The lengthy, eloquently written letter was signed “Anonymous.”

The suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz on January 11 triggered the posting of the hackers’ message to the web address of the United States Sentencing Commission, they said.

His death, which they blamed on the justice system, “crossed a line,” the letter said.

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2 Responses to “Anonymous Threatens Justice Department Over Activist Aaron Swartz’s Death”
  1. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    This is likely: a C.I.A., (AH EL C.I.A. Duh), Co-Intel-PRO front group, Impostor dis-guised
    agents provocateurs, merely MASQUERADING as “anonymous’ ( CONvienient Ruse to CONfuse), pre-communicating, (fear Mongering), their: Militant Militaristic Intents posed as: “JiHAudi MUsAHlim Radical revolutionary left wing nut IS LAH MO fascist terrorists” deploying their REICH STAGG style Nuclear False Flag Event! Hang On it’s likely to be a Wild Ride?

    Cyber MisSpinFormation

  2. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    When the RuEL of Law magically disappears, all that remains is CHAOS.
    Corruption and Racketeering, CHICAGO MOB STYLE, is not Rule by law; IT IS RuEL by

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