Foreclosure Trials and Summary Judgments – The New Normal That Will Make Homeowners Homeless (VIDEO)

Foreclosure Trials and Summary Judgments- The New Normal That Will Make Homeowners Homeless


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  1. Pat says:

    It pains me EVERY time I hear attorneys make the cavalier statement that the homeowner should find an attorney who knows what they are doing. DON’T YOU REALIZE HOW DIFFFICULT this is? I have been seeking counsel for over 2 years to no avail. I’m beginning to think the NJ judges must be extremely tough and unfair and therefore attorneys don’t want to fight the battle. I am 99% certain I have at least 2 drop dead defenses against foreclosure, but I still can’t find help. When I speak to attorneys about some of this stuff, their eyes glaze over and they have no idea what I’ve talking about. YET, they claim to be foreclosure defense attorneys. I know it is a mistake to go into the court w/o counsel, but I don’t have a choice. I have read mounds and mounds of case histories and even where homeowners HAVE an attorney and made great arguments, the trial judge still found summary judgment for the lender. However, many were overturned on appeal. Looks like in NJ, everything must go to appeals court. Our court system is no place for justice. It’s a mockery. Once you get there, you realize here’s where America is NOT a great country.

  2. usedkarguy says:

    jose, mi mejor amigo, who paid what to whom until when as applied to what balance after the loan was sold multiple times, and the party trying to collect on the bogus, forged copy of the note and unrecorded mortgage is at the heart of the racketeering enterprise we are fighting in this foreclosure defense arena. the judiciary has been hijacked. and thanks, Matt, for fighting the good fight. We questioned the bankruptcy trustee lawyer as to why they were more interested in confiscating my EIC portion of my tax return than investigating the obvious forgeries and fraudulent claims submitted by bank law firms. in an appellate holding pattern, EDWI, as the court tries to derail our case to the benefit of bank servicers. God forbid the news that 87 million mortgages are unsecured should get out! We know the loans and mortgages are no good, the securities are no good, and the bond insurers and counterparties were wiped out.
    Why does a RMBS filled with 30 year loans get shorted as a two and half year shelf life?

  3. deadnote says:

    not held to account is the most curious. HSBC gets caught laundering drug money, they pay a cost of doing business fee and not one executive is held accountable. Really? So when it comes down to this FED/Bankster induced housing market calmity, the fix is in and the homeowner and taxpayer are going to feel the pain of the post repealed glass stegall debt bomb. The banksters are rjust like mafia, but with goverment protection.

  4. Jose says:

    Matt, do you pay your mortgage? Do the defense attorneys you know pay thier mortgages?
    I suspect this reply will be deleted!

  5. sam says:

    so let me get this right; a borrower who has NOT made a payment on the lien against their home in 3 or 4 years should not be foreclosed?
    Further are you saying you condone the defense attorneys who object to EVERY word said by plaintiff’s counsel at trial?

    • kayewolf says:

      Statute of limitations guides how long any creditor has to seek legal recourse against a borrower. If the creditor has not sued to collect the debt prior to the expiration of the SOL, the creditor is not legally entitled to use the courts.

      Ask yourself, why aren’t these banks suing to collect the debt if they truly believe a debt is owed? Instead of fighting non-judicial foreclosure for years, why not just litigate the note in civil court, get a judgement, attach it to the house, and then foreclose?

      Because they can not prevail under the law. That is why they have to break it.

      As an American, you should be outraged that banks (mostly foreign owned or controlled|) are using the American courts to break long-standing American laws.

  6. Fed Up says:

    Thanks Matt MATT WEIDNER

    • Michael B. Dickson says:

      Let see if you can follow, The Bankster gave out Adjustable rate mortgage. then manipulated the LIBOR so the homeowners payment would go up, then sold the mortgage to retirement funds, collected 1.5 times what they loaned, then because they are the servicer think they can foreclose on a homeowner. They have no losses, caused the homeowner to default. and now want the house. Only an IDIOT would think a bank induced crisis would justify making a family homeless WAKE UP AMERICA

      • usedkarguy says:

        thanks, mike. i pleaded LIBOR manipulation in FEB 09 F/C answer. banks’ law firms scoffed at the notion. I think those claims are preserved……..

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