The Daily Show: Neil Barofsky Shares the Reasons TARP Failed in its Original Purpose to Aid Troubled Homeowners

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2 Responses to “The Daily Show: Neil Barofsky Shares the Reasons TARP Failed in its Original Purpose to Aid Troubled Homeowners”
  1. I am sick ti dearh if hearing excuses. They helped very few. If a couple had a good job, lije income from federal or state they were at times assisted, many were tokd they could afford the payment and forced out. The bank persons including program managers lied and misled homeowners. Agents lied about homeowners it was all about whoever had the cash to pay fir properties 1/4 of what many of us had paid. Interest rates that shoukd have dropped went up? You always received someone else never the same person. Continued on through 2012-2013 starting as early as 2008. One lender called and said Gov.Browns Office had asked them to help me? They had already foreclosed. During one short sell that took approximstely 3 yrs considering I asked for assistance prior to default you show up to sign only to be told whst to agree to for a lousy $3000.? You are told to be out immediately? Homeowners that had traded up and owned more than one home were treated like criminals for having more than one home. Perrsons with hardships loss of job disability fixed income were refused assistance only low income gaurenteed down payment fixed low rate? Many homeowners had 20 percent down no job and a payment that kept going up?? We never asked for a bailout just fir the rate to be dropped sovit was attainable!! Some moved out and tried to rent their homes only to have agents give tenants cash for keys and force the foreclosure!!! All homeowners were not making big bucks saving etc while not paying their mortgage most couldnt even get a break with fiod stamps and or mortgage. I recall telling a social services person yes I can purchase food and pay my doctor I will not pay my mortgage!! And it still continues.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well the title is misleading, TARP (ZIRP, secret bailouts, etc) were never intended to help homeowners .(and weren’t “paid back”)

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