Lender Processing Services (LPS) Non-Prosecution Agreement: LPS Shall Commit No Crime Whatsoever


Lender Processing Services (LPS) Non-Prosecution Agreement

From the Non-Prosecution Agreement…

This Agreement shall have a term of two years from the date of this Agreement, except as specifically provided below. It is understood that for the two-year term of this Agreement, LPS shall: (a) commit no crime whatsoever; (b) truthfully and completely disclose non-privileged information with respect to the activities of LPS, its officers and employees, and others concerning all matters about which the Government inquires of it, which information can be used for any purpose, except as otherwise limited in this Agreement; (c) bring to the Government’s attention all potentially criminal conduct by LPS or any of its employees that relates to violations of U.S. laws (i) concerning fraud or (ii) concerning mortgage or foreclosure document execution services; and (d) bring to the Government’s attention all criminal or regulatory investigations, administrative proceedings or civil actions brought by any governmental authority in the United States against LPS, its subsidiaries, or its employees that alleges fraud or violations of the laws governing mortgage or foreclosure document execution services.

Until the date upon which all investigations and prosecutions arising out of the conduct described in this Agreement are concluded, whether or not they are finished within the two-year term specified in the preceding paragraph, LPS shall, in connection with any investigation or prosecution arising out of the conduct described in this Agreement:

(a) cooperate fully with the Government, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any other law enforcement or government agency designated by the Government;

(b) assist the Government in any investigation or prosecution by providing logistical and technical support for any meeting, interview, grand jury proceeding, or any trial or other court proceeding;

(c) use its best efforts promptly to secure the attendance and truthful statements or testimony of any officer, agent or employee at any meeting or interview or before the grand jury or at any trial or other court proceeding; and

(d) provide the Government, upon request, all non-privileged information, documents, records, or other tangible evidence about which the Government or any designated law enforcement or government agency inquires.

It is understood that, if the Government determines in its sole discretion that LPS has committed any crime subsequent to the date of this Agreement, or that LPS has given false, incomplete, or misleading testimony or information at any time, or that LPS has otherwise violated any provision of this Agreement, LPS shall thereafter be subject to prosecution for any federal violation of which the Government has knowledge, including perjury and obstruction of justice. Any such prosecution that is not time-barred by the applicable statute of limitations on the date ofthe signing of this Agreement may be commenced against LPS, notwithstanding the expiration of the statute of limitations between the signing of this Agreement and the expiration of the term of the Agreement plus one year. Thus, by signing this Agreement, LPS agrees that the statute of limitations with respect to any prosecution based on the facts set forth in Appendix A that is not time-barred on the date that this Agreement is signed shall be tolled for the term of this Agreement plus one year.

It is understood that, if the Government determines in its sole discretion that LPS has committed any crime after signing this Agreement, or that LPS has given false, incomplete, or misleading testimony or information at any time, or that LPS has otherwise violated any provision of this Agreement: (a) all statements made by LPS or any of its employees to the Government or other designated law enforcement agents, including Appendix A, and any testimony given by LPS or any of its employees before a grand jury or other tribunal, whether prior or subsequent to the signing of this Agreement, and any leads derived from such statements or testimony, shall be admissible in evidence in any criminal proceeding brought against LPS; and (b) LPS shall assert no claim under the United States Constitution, any statute, Rule 410 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, or any other federal rule that such statements or any leads derived therefrom are inadmissible or should be suppressed. By signing this Agreement, LPS waives all rights in the foregoing respects.

Full Non-Prosecution Agreement below…




Lender Processing Services (LPS) Non-Prosecution Agreement

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  1. Implementing 18USC4 should already be in process! Is LPS exspected to do more than the banks did with the 26 billion dollar settlement? The banks are continuing to do the same crimes from the day they signed the settlement. The banks/foreclosers have breached the settlement, with faud and suppression of the independent review just to have the review put back into their hands, and have continually used fraud robo docs to transfer mortgages from and to with the same robo signers and new ones. Fraud robo docs dated after the signing of the settlement. Nothing has changed and the coverup is a joke on the American people. The judges are ignoring the crime and have blind ears to the fraud docs. No change and no prosecutions. LPS will just hire some out source group to scrubb docs and make counterfiet docs to coverup the crime. Why should we exspect anything better? Hope so and I pray so, however hard to trust anything anymore. No accountablity and the sanctions are a joke. Weeks worth of income for these predator criminals. No incentive to do the right thing, No prosecution. just petti settlements One could call bribes to just go away. And allow us to continue the crime. Sure hope you are right and some good comes from this. Seeing will be believeing. There will be very little justice if that until the criminals are prosecuted and made accountable. Our whole American economy is still in trouble due to the lack of accountablity and lack of prosecutions and jail time by these criminals ruining millions of lives and massive foreclosures that should not be happening on the rise.




    These two foreclosure conterfiet doc mills are only the tip of the iceberg on the foreclosure mills still not exsposed. I dont believe there is a real assignment doc on county records anywhere. Done by massive foreclosure mills including it appears NW Trustees and Crab Tree in many states including WA State. .

  3. LOOK UP STATUTES 18USC 2 , 18USC3 AND 18USC4 All officers of the court which include lawyers and judges are mandated to be of the know or should be of the know to recognize fraud and report it not enable and conceal it. Or it is a misdemenor and prison and sanctions. Now how many lawyers for the banks and judges seeing this crime have used this law. Zero that I have witnessed. Tells ya something. Read all the rest of the statutes in this 18USC STATUTES LIST. Look up Breach of oat of office for judges and government officials.

  4. We have lots of prisons and lots of room for these criminals. Many empty prisons! Called FEMA camps!
    The abuse of the poor and the power of the rich to evade justice is gut wrenching.


    It is no wonder that well in excess of 80% of the American
    People are now disgusted with government, and all of its agents.
    Our Chief Justice is clearly a criminal if he continues to
    advocate taxation of federal judges, in the face of supreme laws
    which maintain the contrary. Federal judges are also heavy
    investors in the United States Prison Industries, now the fifth
    largest enterprise of the whole American economy. Need we say
    any more? Yes, we need to say more, because the incarceration
    rate in the land of the free is now the highest in the world, by
    wide margins. You can thank William H. Rehnquist for that
    honorable distinction. None will dare to call it treason.



    approve Performance Management Recognition System Cash Awards for covered employees

    Recommend to Treasury, monetary awards of $10,001–$25,000 ($5,001 or more
    for Performance Management and Recognition System (PMRS)Cash Awards) for any one individual or group

    Recommend an additional monetary award of $10,000 (total $35,000)to the President through Treasury.

    But … BUT … Congress REPEALED PMRS in 1993:



    Here are the KEY POINTS to remember:

    (1) Congress initially created the Performance Management and Recognition
    System (“PMRS”) and Delegations of Authority implementing same
    were published in the Internal Revenue Manual (“IRM”);

    (2) almost immediately, that “system” became so widely abused,
    EVEN CONGRESS was offended!

    (3) so, Congress REPEALED PMRS in 1993; and, between 1993 and 1998,
    the IRM had absolutely no legal force or effect: WE CHECKED:



    (4) however, the Delegations of Authority which had been placed in the Internal Revenue Manual
    were NOT removed after Congress repealed PMRS!! Here, see for yourself the IRM
    page which I just downloaded again today:

    (search for “to the President” !!! )

    Also find in a Delegation Order dated: “(10-16-1992)”
    ” to approve Performance Management
    Recognition System Cash Awards for covered employees”

    (5) those facts then implicated the Anti-Kickback Act of 1986,
    which was still law after 1993:


    § 53. Prohibited conduct
    It is prohibited for any person —
    (1) to provide, attempt to provide, or offer to provide any kickback;
    (2) to solicit, accept, or attempt to accept any kickback; or
    (3) to include, directly or indirectly, the amount of any kickback prohibited
    by clause (1) or (2) in the contract price charged by a subcontractor to a
    prime contractor or a higher tier subcontractor or in the contract price
    charged by a prime contractor to the United States.


    § 54. Criminal penalties
    Any person who knowingly and willfully engages in conduct
    prohibited by section 53 of this title
    shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years
    or shall be subject to a fine in accordance with title 18, or both.

    [end quote]

    These criminals have ruined millions of lives. NO EXC– USE NOT TO PROSECUTE THEM AND SEND THEM TO JAIL.

  5. Soooooooooooo! After two years they are free to commit crimes until caught again? This makes no sense to me. Are they going to hire Promontory and Soloman Edwards to doc scrubb and conterifiet the docs now so LPS employees dont do it.? No accountability guaranteed no prosecution and a slap on the hand with a two year sentence to not commit a crime they already commited and then they are free to commit the crime until caught. Kids have gone to jail for longer for throwing steaks at someone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9knn1uUM7E4&feature=player_embedded

    • Robert Wade says:

      the statute is not 2 years but 2 years and tolling of extension of 1 year thereafter. in addition it will give the attorney’s defending homewoners a chance to produce evidence of what became the agreement with the Dept. of Justice. This I beleive will put the Banks, Loan processing and Documents on notice to walk carefully or be sued for fraud and have the fine implemented. Under these conditions they will be liable for breach of contract upon a Federal Order. Liable for Criminal Activity, as stated in agreement for damages to every state in the union and it’s citizens. Class action suits will rise and sue and give a course of action by citizens of U.S. and the judges of authority in any case or tribunual or any suit will have to implement 18 U.S.C. and its sections or answer to the DOJ. Robert Wade pro se litigant

      • Loraine Brown, DocX and LPS should have to send notices to every homeowner harmed that their docs were the fraud doc’s and they are responsible for the fraud that caused the homeowner the fraud closure. The homeowners incomes are harmed they dont have the money to sue and find exspensive lawyers and pay for diclosure. The judges throw them out without discovery. So only the wealthy can battle this crime. That is a crime in itself.

  6. Robert WAde says:

    This is good stuff providing a foreclosure has or will take place against homeowners that have been frauded by this entity along with the fact of Brown convicted of a Federal crime will unvalidate all documents concerning robo-signing and other related papers. This can be brought to any court or tribunual of authority as evidence against any related or concern of Loan Processing Serviec and related entities In addition there is a statute of limitations plus 1 year to use this tool in a action.

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