Banks find way to benefit from robo-signing scandal

Hats of a Robo-signer

 Banks find way to benefit from robo-signing scandal

Big banks are finding a way to benefit from what was supposed to be their punishment in the robo-signing scandal.

In Florida, they have spent 75 percent of $7.7 billion in settlement outlays approving short sales and forgiving home-equity loans, earning credit for debts they were unlikely to collect or sales that would have happened anyway, a monitor’s report released Thursday shows.

Only about 15 percent of the money has gone toward principal reductions or refinancings that would keep Floridians in their homes, the report states.

“This is providing very little actual relief to consumers,” St. Petersburg foreclosure attorney Matt Weidner said. “It’s not keeping people in Florida in their homes. It’s writing off phantom debt (banks) weren’t collecting anyway.”

Bank of America spokesman Rick Simon said the spending provided “meaningful relief to borrowers by eliminating debt.” More than 100,000 Floridians have been offered an average of $75,000 in debt forgiveness or other aid, and thousands of potential loan modifications are still being processed, according to the report based on bank data.

But consumer advocates and attorneys have criticized the relief as sidestepping the settlement’s goals. Since April, the report said, Floridians have filed nearly 600 complaints over modifications, customer service and other issues.

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  1. Rob Harrington
    Only the banks and government would want you to personally reconcile and ignore your fraudulent loan because they make more money by extending and pretending , and it provides less legal liability to the banks if your law suit were to dig down deeper into discovery to PROVE THE FRAUD IN YOUR UNDERWRITING AND APPRAISAL AND STANDING ISSUES!!! —> TRUST NOBODY

    ….They all expose themselves by standing on the concept that there will be no FREE HO– USES, no matter what fraud or criminal activity exists and is provable in your home loan. Yet, the servicers, who typically have not a penny into your loan, also can’t even typically prove they own your loan. . The professional disinformationalist will typically scream louder than anybody else on the internet that they actually care about YOU, the poor defrauded homeowners… Remember, they have control over databases that will direct you to affiliated companies that focus on short sales, short-cut attorneys, loan mods to nowhere, and or just getting the homeowner to give up and pitch the keys back to the servicer (pretender lender.) Your best defense is a great attorney who you can educate and support with the right information and belief system. 10 SIGNS that you may be dealing with trolls and shills: 1- They attack the credibility of others who disagree with them. They may resort to name calling and insults, and are proficient in circle logic, long diatribes, and unsupportable information. 2- They play the center and make contradictory statements so they can always use plausible deniability to cover their statements when exposed or countered. 3- They have enormous ego’s and make outlandish statements to draw attention to themselves. 4- They control data-bases and are experts in Internet Marketing to steer traffic to related businesses who will intentionally take you away from what should have been your true aim and goal in your lawsuit against the bank (if your were cheated or defrauded.) 5- They hit, run, and resurface later, either solo or in groups. 6 – They will agree, at times, while in debate to appear reasonable to others, then turn vicious and negative very quickly to turn the tables in conversation or debate. 7- They may possess or develop a sense of power and control and they relish manipulation of others for money and self-gratification. They may actually be sociopaths and liars and feel no sense of regret or remorse about how they make their living. as they are similar to debt collectors in psychological make-up. Yet, they do such work to also make money. 8 – They refuse to publish complete resumes and personal information or share false information to build trust and not be exposed. They avoid full disclosure and transparency so as not to be exposed and deemed more trustworthy. They will avoid questions about how they make their money and who pays them. They will also rely upon building a “personal” relationship often times utilizing phone and email contact and constant communication with their victim or enemy 9 – They work with others to build networks of related common goals and interests as there is safety in numbers, and/or sharing of almost non-competitive resources for wider business models. 10- They use or quote unwitting third party references to build credibility and to make themselves appear as connected or important. Social media is replacing mainstream media as the new information frontier. Buyer beware, and always ask lots of questions and do lot’s of research before doing business with anyone. If they refuse to give references under the cloak of client confidentiality, run for your life, and even check with your State Attorney General’s office. Google up the name of the “person or company” and add the word “fraud” or “scam” and see what you find through your search engine results. If you have ever been ripped off by a so-called guru, expose them but protect yourself from their intimidation techniques,”threats” of lawsuits, especially defamation of character, liable, and slander. Build your proof, evidence of wrong doing and potential criminal activity, and find others who are similarly situated. Your strength and power lies in numbers and in facts, law, and due process. . Even though I have made no allegations against any one suspected party, I will be undoubtedly be attacked because I do make (very little money) working for BP Investigative Agency (licensed, bonded and insured), but I do so with full disclosure, and proof of claims. I have only received money from Attorneys or from BPIA. I have turned away more money from homeowners than I have ever made as a “foreclosurefraud” case researcher. I have also been a National and State level activist and co-founder of the National WAMU Homeowners Support Group of which I never took a penny for myself or my family for personal use. I worked for free 99% of the last 5 years to help educate and support defrauded homeowners (and attorneys) after receiving my court ordered discovery and proof of claims of fraud by WAMU back in 2009.—>

    —> and



    I am an expert in manipulation/communication techniques. I wrote and self-published a book in 1992 titled the “The Guerrilla Automotive Shopper.” I have an extensive back-ground in Sales Training and Internal Sales Process based upon building long term business relationships. I have published multiple training manuals for ethically driven Sales Programs and Processes. I draw the line at outright manipulation of consumers (fraud, scam, theft, etc.) versus a reasonable and fair business dealing where both parties utilize full disclosure and honesty to complete a transaction that best serves both buyer and seller in consideration and value as presented and accepted. It will be interesting to see who surfaces to counter, support, or deny my claims above. Always hire a competent, qualified attorney who can prove a winning track record in foreclosure defense, whatever that means in 2013 in your local jurisdiction. Don’t get screwed twice or even three or more times. On the internet, TRUST NOBODY! ONE DAY, THE TRUTH WILL ALL BE EXPOSED! Who helped you, and who screwed you? Good luck! You are going to need it.

    Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disi

  2. Alabama John says:

    Robo signing has also helped many homeowners when they sue. Banks do not want to go to trial and have this shown a jury of YOUR peers.

    What they have done is best kept quiet so as to not get the public going to the courthouse and seeing their home recordings and what is on their own home being screwed up.

    Will be a good thing to ask jurors to do since they will already be in the courthouse in a trial and can do so at lunch. Cost $3.00

    Talk about being easy to piss a bunch of folks off. That is what banks and mortgage companies fear. Even our news TV programs are mostly not telling about this.

  3. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    “Thefts by Deceptions” from the Talmudic legal mercenary B A R Atorns (agents of the King), when will the Predatory Privateer Rapiers from the B. A. R. Kults of Satan; stop Raping Pillaging and Plundering the People? ad infinitum?

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