BNY Mellon Fined $235,000 in Providence RI Foreclosure


Bank fined $235,000 in Prov foreclosure

BNY Mellon no-showed in court six times

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) –A vacant two-story home in Providence’s Silver Lake neighborhood has become such an eyesore that not even the bank wants anything to do with it.

Empty for over a year, the first floor windows at the 223 Roosevelt Street property have been replaced with boards, old phone books have stacked up on the porch and the driveway has been transformed into a dumping ground for Heineken bottles and broken television sets.

The property is one of the nearly 2,000 city homes and 7,000 homes statewide that have entered the foreclosure process since 2009, according to figures released by HousingWorks RI, an affordable housing advocacy group.

But while the vacancies pile up, critics say banks have no incentive to complete foreclosures because they would become responsible for the property.

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  1. rachel williams says:

    Try looking at the Centene Corporation , Washington University for Alias for JP Morgan
    Ed fisher and Cliff Cotton endorsements for the Non profit organizations. The Centene Corporation and Universal Health Center in Denver Colorado. They are stealing homes under fraud and deceit. The Federal Judge is allowing this fraud it her amar martar , this is fraud being committed by the Courts. See the fraud by the officials
    See Stayinyourhomecity on facebook!/

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