Fallout from ‘Untouchables’ Documentary: Wall Street Whistleblower, Michael Winston, Gets Reamed

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Fallout from ‘Untouchables’ Documentary: Another Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed

A great many people around the county were rightfully shocked and horrified by the recent excellent and hard-hitting PBS documentary, The Untouchables, which looked at the problem of high-ranking Wall Street crooks going unpunished in the wake of the financial crisis. The PBS piece certainly rattled some cages, particularly in Washington, in a way that few media efforts succeed in doing. (Scroll to the end of this post to watch the full documentary.)

Now, two very interesting and upsetting footnotes to that groundbreaking documentary have emerged in the last weeks.

The first involves one of the people interviewed for the story, a former high-ranking executive from Countrywide financial who turned whistleblower named Michael Winston. You can see Michael’s segment of The Untouchables at around the 4:20 mark of the piece. The story Winston told during the documentary is essentially an eyewitness account of the beginning of the financial crisis.

When I spoke to him last week, Winston was still as amazed and repulsed by what he saw at Angelo Mozilo’s crooked subprime mortgage company as he was when he worked there. Winston, who had worked for years at high-level positions at companies like Motorola and Lockheed before joining Countrywide in the 2000s, described a moment in his first months at the company, when he rolled into the parking lot at the company headquarters.

“There was a guy there, a well-dressed guy, standing next to a car that had a vanity plate,” he said. “And the plate read, ‘FUND’EM.'”

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3 Responses to “Fallout from ‘Untouchables’ Documentary: Wall Street Whistleblower, Michael Winston, Gets Reamed”
  1. keepon says:

    “The Untouchables.” ‘Roadmap to RICO’ personified! The web exposed. If only Lanny & Justice could have seen the show beFORE issuing the DPAs their complicity in executing the coverup might have resulted in JAILing the Predators instead of setting them free to further plunder main street Families without even wrinkling their suits.

    God protect these Whistleblowers- Patriots- for their Courage, and PBS for telling the story. If our president tunes in, maybe he’ll get a clue on what ‘responsible’ means.

  2. leapfrog says:

    “Well, just weeks after the PBS documentary aired, the Court of Appeals in the state of California suddenly took an interest in Winston’s case. Normally, a court of appeals can only overturn a jury verdict in a case like this if there is a legal error. It’s not supposed to relitigate the factual evidence.”

    Any doubt that the Court of Appeals in my state of California is CORRUPT AS HELL? I’d like to know who the bankster loving judges are that appealed this decision. Anyone know? Let’s get their names out there and throw some sunshine on these vermin.

  3. withament says:

    Dear Matt Remember Old Man Judson Witham was telling You many many many many Years Ago … never Forget ….. Judson was the ORIGINAL Occupier http://www.bing.com/search?q=Bribery+Government+Corruption+Judson+Witham&go=&qs=n&form=QBLH&pq=bribery+government+corruption+judson+witham&sc=0-8&sp=-1&sk=

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