American Banker: The Myth of Predatory Borrowers (VIDEO)

The Myth of Predatory Borrowers

A BusinessWeek cover sparked controversy recently because many saw it as racist. But it also stirred concerns because it reinforced a persistent myth about the financial crisis: that it was caused by predatory borrowers, not lenders.


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  1. Steve says:

    The myth became a reality since they all got away with it. You couldn’t find any department to investigate it.

  2. Thats right blame the borrower cause we all went out with malice of fore thought and designed our own predatrory loans and oh by the way talked our mortgage brokers,title insusance,appraisers,and bankers into doing us these so called favors.Really dude?Seriously? What planet did these people inhabit before earth?Give me a friggen break.

  3. judemcdonald says:

    On 2/26/13 Eric Cantor Super pac partied with American Bankers and BlankRome Super pac NOW WTF are you two idiots talking of……????

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