The Foreclosure Wars, How Do We Explain This Collective Madness? (In a Word, It’s Fascism)


The Foreclosure Wars, How Do We Explain This Collective Madness? (In a Word, It’s Fascism)

Theoretically at least, the United States was, at some points in time and for some people, a nation of laws presided over by a fair and open judicial system and, in the larger context, governed by an elected group of local, state and federal officials who were responsive to those who elected them and who they, in theory at least were accountable to.

This of course is the Norman Rockwell picture of America and ignores the all too real version of America that was, for hundreds of years, experienced by minorities and people of color in this country.  Yes, let’s all pause for a moment and acknowledge that, for the longest period in our nation’s history we were a savage and brutal nation who tortured and subjugated millions of our population.  And yes, our allegedly fair and open judicial system not just actively participated in this brutal subjugation, in fact our nation’s court system enthusiastically supported such oppression and brutality.  Now some of that changed a few years ago when our nation’s courts decided that our grandmothers were full human beings after all and could vote and then a few years before that our nation’s judges made a dramatic and abrupt about face and decided that people of color were….bombshell here….ACTUAL REAL LIFE 100% HUMAN BEINGS!

Well, with that brief retrospective let’s examine the political, social and legal environment of Amerika 2013.  Amerika is not a democracy. Amerika is not a republic. Amerika is a fascist corporate oligarchy.  Now before you make the mistake of reminding me that sheeple vote for the elected figure heads that ultimately pass the laws that institutionalize the subjugation and corporate terror policies that define  the American experience in 2013, let me explain to you how these figures are elected and how the laws they present are passed. On second thought, if you need this explanation stop reading now and turn back to some good old fashioned main stream media, you’re too far gone.

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  1. judemcdonald says:

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