Underwater PNC Bank Employee Takes Bankster Boss’s Credit Card, Racks Up More than $30,000 in Charges


“At least $3,000 was spent at The Bistro, a restaurant on U.S. 1 in Jupiter. Deputies found that “we love you,” was written on one of the restaurant receipts.”


Woman faces fraud charges after spending more than $30,000 on banker boss’s credit card

Carolyn Scarmuzzi hit all the fancy shops at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, among them Nordstrom, Tory Burch and Williams-Sonoma. She dined at the Hogsnapper Shack and Sushi in Tequesta, and maybe even took cooking lessons while she shopped at In The Kitchen on Tequesta Drive.

Not once did Scarmuzzi have to reach into her own pocket to pay, Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies said. She’d hand over instead the credit card of her boss, who manages the fortunes of clients of PNC Bank’s Palm Beach branch.

The Tequesta woman, 52, is now a former PNC Bank employee — and facing charges of fraud after her arrest Thursday. She was released from the Palm Beach County Jail later that day.

Mark Stephens, Scarmuzzi’s former boss and the managing director of the bank’s private client group, told deputies Scarmuzzi was “under water” and behind on her mortgage, according to a sheriff’s probable-cause affidavit. He said he never gave her permission to use his money.

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2 Responses to “Underwater PNC Bank Employee Takes Bankster Boss’s Credit Card, Racks Up More than $30,000 in Charges”
  1. robert wade says:

    If I understand this she used credit and not real money for transactions that were placed upon a credit card and not cash. just like the bank does when it takes back a house at foreclosure. It places a credit bid that no one has priveledge to see. Very fine line don’t you think?

  2. Sarah says:

    Poor lady, must have thought she was a Bankster, i.e. someone else would pay. Executives get exclusive use of the company card, not the office staff. Being underwater and behind on your mortgage in Palm Beach apparently means guilty-of-everything.

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