Global Financial Collapse 2013: THE TICKING BOMB

Global Financial Collapse 2013 THE TICKING BOMB What is a safe place?

What if there was a safe place for you and your family if the unthinkable happened?


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  1. thegrey55 says:

    This is not a question of if it happens but of when it happens…. There is no way to stop this-the damage has already been done. The patient is on life support and when the plug gets pulled it’s over.

    Are you prepared for what is to come, I think not and it will be unlike anything we have experienced or even imagined.

  2. JFKFC says:

    No, no, no… Peter Schiff, David Walker, Jonah Norburg? Not directed at the comments above, but respectfully to the site host. This is pure Cato Institute material, Milton Friedman economics. TARP is not synonymous with the Recovery and Reinvestment Act. No mention of the government’s trillion-dollar wars or how they advocate privatizing Social Security and eliminating Medicare along with the minimum wage. The U.S. national debt is not the problem and further deregulating markets is not the answer. Elizabeth Warren, Bill Black, Naomi Klein need the airtime that they’ll never get in corporate media. Good that you often show them.

  3. John says:

    The economy and real estate are artificial. We will see a significant drop in housing and the stock market around 2015. Make sure you invest carefully, buy real estate frugally and take advantage of the mortgage debt forgiveness act while it is still here. It may not be around in the next 18- 24 months. Now is the time to settle your second mortgage or short sale your home.

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  4. JohnR says:

    Wouldn’t play on my machine!

  5. Tim says:

    Problem is as soon as the gov tried to do the right things to help America own homes, the PIG big banks took extreme advantage of this and devised a way to suck every dime out of the economy.
    Its is primarily the fault of BIG BANKS and greedy dishonest people…..put them in jail and take back their profits and put the profits back into saving this economy……

  6. BOBBI SWANN says:

    The United States, who currently holds the title of the “World Currency” (the dollar), is losing it’s status. Slowly and slowly nations are turning towards other means of international trade currency. Imagine, what happens if we no longer have the world currency as the dollar……and do not think for a minute that it does not affect you. Commodities that are imported and exported will rise to unbelieveable levels. Since the Federal Reserve controls the dollars our total economy will simply collapse!!!!!!!!!! This video is excellent.

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