All In With Chris Hayes: Foreclosure Settlement: A Nationwide Crime Scene

Foreclosure settlement: a nationwide crime scene

Banks are foreclosing on military members, on people who had been approved for a loan modification, and even on people who were never behind in their payments–all part of an astounding settlement that shortchanged millions of homeowners and left hundreds of thousands wrongfully ejected from their homes.  Former Governor Elliot Spitzer; Alexis Goldstein, former Vice President at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, now an Occupy Wall Street activist ; and Faith Bautista, who was the victim of wrongful home foreclosure in 2009, join Chris Hayes and paint a stark picture of what happened, who is responsible and why there isn’t more justice from the government.


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  1. Loritta says:

    I had to fight the government during the 60’s for the right to be recognized as a citizen with all rights as an American, only to grow older an fight the government all over again to protect my property. And to think my so called government won’t protect me from a money laundering foreign corporation known as HSBC. I am now with the assistance of the U.S. government tied to known criminals. Instead of being sent to prison they are free to commit more crimes at will. My government has really taught me a lesson that puts my education to shame. It is not hard work and honesty that gets you ahead, it is the amount of money you have to purchase the politicians that gets you there. My vote is not worth the effort. And to think I stood in line for hours to vote for people who give their time and effort to the highest bidder. My one vote has been trampled on enough.

  2. BDR says:


  3. yep – you are losing your property rights, legal rights, and trustworthy land records. Don’t bet on a rigged casino table?

  4. Andrea says:

    Once upon-a-time in 1921…”The Federal Sheppard Towner Maternity Act”…(Parens Patriae) …uh… we the people of the US are “bastard children” of this country, since 1933.
    The “birth certificate” is YOUR “certified security” to the IMF “international monetary fund” to pay off US debt since 1933.
    Do the research on the “strawman” and then,
    file notice of lien on your birth certificate UCC-1
    U.S. Dept of State, Wash., D.C.
    Read more: Bills of Exchange Act 1882 and
    Cheque Act 1992, HJR-192, U.S.C. 31, Doctrine of Debt Adjustment(and setoff)

  5. Grace C Bonacorsi says:

    While I applaud Chris Hayes for doing this segment, the sad reality that most news organizations have done very little to shed light on what is perhaps the greatest fraud in my lifetime. To realize that people will receive a meager amount of money that is supposed to somehow compensate for destroying their credit, raining unimaginable stress and the health issues that come with it, and of course, throwing millions out of their homes on bogus paperwork. Had an average citizen like you or me presented fraudulent documents in a court of law, we would have been prosecuted and thrown into jail. The sad fact is that money is what runs this country and should be what we the people should be upset about. How can anyone honestly expect the politicians who take the banks money to somehow turn around, hold them accountable and oh my god, actually arrest and prosecute them?

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the barrage of commercials touting low mortgage rates and the incentive to refinance again. Yes, the guy from Ditech is back but now he is associated with Cash Call. The fact that the bankers were allowed to destroy the housing market, obliterate the middle class and then have the audacity to start the process all over again tells you just how arrogant they are.

    Somewhere, someday we as a country have to decide how we want to be judged. We have to realize that by the bankers skating on this we have forever tarnished the laws and system we brag about so often. People have lost their homes because it was far more profitable for the banks to foreclose than modify, do a short sale or offer a Deed in Lieu. While many who went through this nightmare were in fact part of the sub prime lending that created the bubble, we have to understand that those who got caught up in this mess through no fault of their own deserve so much more that a check for a couple of hundred dollars.

    The OCC was supposed to investigate the foreclosure files from 2009 through 2010 for fraud and the refusal of the banks to offer any alternative to the homeowners. Millions reached out believing that the TARP funds were there for us. The refusal by the banks, Freddie and Fannie and the OCC to entertain principal reductions in the early days of the foreclosure crisis, contributed greatly to this fiasco.

    And yet, it is one of the most under reported chapters of this recession.

  6. Just have to disagree a bit on the numbers, they are always the same. Millions have been and will be ejected from their homes!!!! For one, they have been saying under 10 million for 4 years, Second, for every one home, there are several people !!!!

  7. dc says:

    Its is def a sad scenario here in the territory formerly known as The United States Of America and just as frustrating for many sitting at there computers trying to make sense of how and why we the people are allowing a very small group of other human beings or maybe there really aliens to make all are decisions for us.It must be all the fast food or ? thats turned us into sheeple so weve become oblivious or too lazy to come together and stop the insanity.Then theres another smallish group thats learned how to capitalize on this and turn it into wealth for themselves and there group.Then theres the folks that are saying screw it,if you cant beat em join em and then they go get a job with the ever multiplying government on all and any level.Thats good for things like health care coverage and retirement issues but it wont save your home if you happened to buy or refi anywhere between 2004-2008.We need to come together folks and stop the blatant crimes against humanity that are being done to us all everyday by our own government and the banks that pretty much own the government.Its a daunting task indeed but its very possible to correct if the numbers[ie the masses] come together and make it happen.One must give much respect to those who do speak up,and organizations like Occupy and the likes because without those groups this whole mess would have gone down without as much as ??????It sucks.

  8. Joe P says:

    Current NYAG is no Spitzer. Look at Cuomo, going after political crooks. He made buddies with an out of state landlord he was after. This landlord mysteriously hired him @ 500k a year for several years. Pot calling the kettle black. This is a frigging joke.

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