LA Artist Alex Schaefer Chase Burning Part Deux

Hey, I figure, as long as Hollywood gets to pull in huge box office receipts and critical acclaim for their brand of terrorism-porn then I can paint whatever I want.  Why doesn’t Hollywood get on the right side of history and paint some bankster-snuff porn for the People?  I’d love to see that be Quentin Tarantino’s next film: Django /American Psycho on Wall Street!  ahhahaha

I painted this on the corner of Wilshire and Beverly in Beverly Hills.  When I painted on location I was surprised that there was a lot of positive response!  Honks, “nice job!”, “can I take a picture?”  It was good to know that there is still a sense among the public at large of “I know how you feel” 🙂  oil on canvas, 36 by 36

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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Oh do be careful there Alex… could be targeted by the drones as a terrorist threat! It’s not construed as ART anymore but propaganda to incite people to do wrong! hahahahaha!

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