Attorney General Bondi’s Statement on Appropriation of $200 Million of the National Mortgage Settlement Funds


Attorney General Bondi’s Statement on Appropriation of $200 Million of the National Mortgage Settlement Funds

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –Attorney General Pam Bondi released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill 1852 regarding funding from the national mortgage settlement.

“I entered the national mortgage settlement to obtain more than $8 billion in relief in order to ameliorate the effects of the foreclosure crisis and to help homeowners. I am grateful to Senate President Gaetz, House Speaker Weatherford and the entire Legislature for supporting the appropriation of $200 million of these settlement funds in accordance with the agreement for housing-related purposes.”

And where did that money go?

List below…

SB 1852 appropriates $200,080,474 to several state entities for various housing and foreclosure-related programs and services, contingent upon such funds being deposited into the state treasury from the National Mortgage Settlement.

Funds are appropriated, with specific restrictions and requirements, as follows:

  • $70 million for the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program;
  • $65 million for the State Apartment Incentive Loan Program (SAIL);
  • $10 million for housing for homeless persons;
  • $40 million for the State Courts System for the foreclosure cases backlog;
  • $10 million for legal aid services for low and moderate-income homeowners facing foreclosure;
  • $2 million for a consumer awareness promotional campaign; and
  • $3 million for administrative costs.


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  1. Sky says:


  2. john says:

    AS an Arkansan with ties in Florida, I am very disturbed about this allowance of funds to non-settlement receivers. Everyone who lost a home in Florida need to band together and 1). write complaint letters to her and her goons in the House and Senate 2). demand her to give each county a townhall meeting so that all Floridians can voice their concerns 3). march on Tallahassee!!! Where’s the Money….why are they hold the funds.

    Also, note that experience with the “Settlement” payout, everyone has to apply for it with the AG’s office…so, have they helped anyone lately?

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Are my math skills that bad or does the math not add up? 8 billion in total for Florida. 200 mill in this appropriation bill. Where’s the rest of the millions??????? or to make it easier where’s the other 7.4 BILLION????? Anybody out there know?

    Oh, almost forgot. I know and I agree with the consensus of opinion of Pam Bondi but using that type of language only puts us down on the same level as her. I still remember my momma used to say ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’. We need to stay with the sticks and stones part i.e. voting her out of office or filing complaints against her but fighting with proper tools in an intelligent manner which is one way she cannot overcome!

    • Even the most illiterate at math would look at these numbers and go “Huh?!?” So, now, add the ones that are literate in math and we are all going …”Oh Hell NO!”

  4. Sheila says:

    I guess the rest of us that lost our homes due to fraud and foreclosure fraud were just tokens for the big pay off !!! We get nothing…no home, no restitution , no nothing!!!!! I will never ever go back to Florida or even let my friends and family move there!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the most corrupt state in our country!!!!!!!!!!!! It saddens me to think I would love it there….then I lost my home because of the fraudulent lawyers Smith,Haitt and Diaz…. Bank of America and the Citrus County Courts……. It is not the Golden State it is the Stolen State…………. God Help us all!!!!!

  5. Fedup says:

    $3 million for administrative costs!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What Bull————

  6. Fedup says:

    I will probably be banished but I have to say it.
    Pam Bondi SUCKS bank cock and every single lobbyist that
    comes to Tallahassee!!!

  7. How nice of them to get a mortgage fraud settlement…to bad that it only benefits the government. Seven years fighting where the banks forged our signatures and the government gets paid for it…Nice…I hope my sarcasm is seriously showing and to hell with political correctness.

  8. Javagold says:

    Have to agree. Bondi is a skank and needs to get kicked out of office.

    • TA says:

      What a one way political and arrogant piece of crap, Florida got stuck with………me-me-me-me,to the white house Pam? N freakin way…your constituents even know your a suck-pump is her game, she wont last after all we have seen her do….er nothing we have seen her do. B !!

  9. jylly jakes says:

    Bondi is a tool. Floridians…get it together. Vote her out of office. Find a way. Vote her out of office.

  10. TheHutMaster says:

    FUCK this skank named Bondi! A bitch slap, or 2, are in order. Is she down gang banging parties at LPS. I hear the whore swallows.

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