Steady Stream of Lawyers Pour Out of Woodwork to Offer Help in Challenge of Colorado Foreclosure Law


Lawyers offer help in challenge of Colorado foreclosure law

More than a dozen lawyers have surfaced with offers to help an Aurora woman in her constitutional challenge of Colorado’s foreclosure laws, a case she has battled on her own for about two years.

After a federal judge’s temporary injunction Monday that looks to take on whether homeowners facing foreclosure are treated unfairly, Lisa Kay Brumfiel said her solo plight is finding new followers.

“There’s just been a steady stream of them,” the 43-year-old part-time saleswoman said of the attorneys offering to take on her case for free.

She says she’s not bitter that they weren’t there to help her before — “Everyone wanted to be paid, but you’re facing foreclosure because you can’t even meet your house payments,” she said — and hopes she can have a team of them take on Colorado’s foreclosure process.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez issued an interim preliminary injunction stopping the foreclosure auction of Brumfiel’s four-bedroom house, saying she had prevailed enough to challenge the constitutionality of state law.

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4 Responses to “Steady Stream of Lawyers Pour Out of Woodwork to Offer Help in Challenge of Colorado Foreclosure Law”
  1. Wayne says:

    I have been fighting for 5 years and it has taken a toll on my health. I go in monday for a triple by-pass. I have yet to find a lawyer who would help me. Most Lawyers want more then the home is worth and then their are others who even though they are in the Real Estate field have not a clue.
    I am in the State of Arizona and there was no note signing, just the Deed of Trust Papers. How the Pretender Lender got Countrywide to be the Servicer is one helluva question. The trustee no longer exist, the lender no longer exist, the title company that took over has nothing but a copy of the Deed and no note is to be found. Bank of America had recorded a Robo Signed Assignment last year in the County Recorders Office stating that the Note is in the hands of Bank of New York Mellon. Then Bank of America sent the servicing rights over to these bottom feeders in Colorado. They are worse than the Countrywide Employees. I have refuse to Pay on my mortgage in the past four years due to this fraud.
    If anyone can help me please write me at

    • Fury says:

      wayne, i wish you luck with your surgery.
      i hope that your heart is repaired and that you remain strong in your fight.

  2. Rebecca says:

    These young Americans fresh new faces any thing to do with Illinois young attorneys?
    Plus Chicago bar. Or was these two places just picked for the hell of it.
    I have a gut feeling that you have been bestide me helping get justice served. Please I would like to know who all helped me.. Thank you all please contact help this old lady out would you. I’m still lost unsure. 🙂

  3. Discouraged Lawyer says:

    “Show me the note” should have always worked. It is only because the courts have been corrupted that proof of the debt has not been required for foreclosure.

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