Toxic Titles: Buyer Beware – Problems with Foreclosure Purchases Can Haunt You Years Later


Buyer beware: problem foreclosure purchase

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. – If you’ve ever owned property, you know how it’s supposed to work.

You pay for it, you get the title. And you would think that property’s yours, right? Not so fast.

Four In Your Corner’s Liza Fernandez introduces us to a couple who bought a lot in Lehigh Acres that’s now in legal limbo.

This Lehigh Acres house was supposed to be a dream retirement home for Kathy and Gerry Powers.

“All the paperwork and everything came through, and we basically had the the two half-acre lots and the house,” Kathy tells us by phone.

Snagged at a great price in a 2009 foreclosure, the Indiana couple then decided to sell when their retirement plans changed a few years later. They felt lucky to find a buyer.

“Then we got a call. Their title insurance company discovered an error that the half acre that was supposed to accompany our home did not actually legally belong to us. And it could not be sold,” Kathy explains.

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4 Responses to “Toxic Titles: Buyer Beware – Problems with Foreclosure Purchases Can Haunt You Years Later”
  1. esther9 says:

    Responding to the HutMaster, the entities, foreclosure mill attorneys, sherrifs, judges [pension funds/retirement], County agencies, and state officials, are all party conspirators to white collar crime, civil forefeiture [look that one up on the justice institute], and look for the Examination/Audit of Oscela Florida, where the clerk of that court applied their duty to check for the integrity of the states land records. Opens the eyes!

  2. Alabama John says:

    Can’t get them to court. They always have some reason to not come and don’t want an open courtroom that would educate others from your arguments. The mortgage companies that claim you owe them keep being someone new every couple of years. A new one will show up, announce they are your new mortgage company, record nothing, take pictures and we never hear from them again. For some reason the new one will pay the taxes every year and we pay nothing since we request their standing and receive nothing.
    I’m not paying anyone until I know its the right one. At the beginning we had 3 mortgage companies saying they were the ones with standing and that we should pay them. They could never decide which one was right so we stopped paying until they give us something showing they are the right ones to pay.
    Can you imagine paying a car dealer if 3 were billing you for the same car and the one you signed the note with was out of business? No person would be dumb enough to pay just anyone.
    House is no different.

  3. Sue Em says:

    So what do we do – Sue them!!! My loan mortgage and note was sold to BoA but they denied to have it. So I sued, won and got paid. It gets better: the exact amount they paid me they charged on our next mortgage bill….to the penny. There are too big to work. To big to handle their own bullshit.

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    These criminal mortgage servicers are the scum of the earth. I speak to all the liars on a daily basis and assure you that these are just criminal theives. Ask your self this… WHY would the title company “Hang UP” on this news team???? Anyone? Well I can tell you… It is because the whole thing is forgery and FRAUD. Someone should sue the scumbag foreclosure mill, the sherrif and the Judge. All for NOT protecting the homeowner from these criminals.

    My advice to all is STOP paying these criminals until they can prove that you actually owe the obligation to the ones you are paying. These criminals have shreded these notes and multi pledged them to various securities/trusts.

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