The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life

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The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life

JPMorgan Chase and other big banks are accused of running a frightening scam collecting on credit card debt.

It’s hard to imagine a more loathsome figure than the mob debt collector, a.k.a the “hired muscle.” It was this bruiser’s job to get the money owed to the Boss, by whatever methods he saw fit. That might include coming to your house in the dead of night to break your kneecaps. Whatever it took. The collector was promised a cut of that money, and he was going to get it.

Gangsta-style big banks have taken up where this character left off. They may not send a guy to break your kneecaps, but they are working in the shadows, chasing down debts from credit cards using methods that are both fraudulent and unlawful. They do this whether you actually owe the money or not.

Here’s the skinny: After widespread outrage over the big banks’ last crime wave against the American consumer – the “robo-signing” scam in which homeowners were hustled out of their houses by banks that sent fraudulent paperwork through the courts, they are at it again. This time, banksters are accused of helping debt collectors pursue faulty judgments against credit card customers by various dirty tricks that include – surprise! – robo-signing.

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3 Responses to “The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life”
  1. 1ofthemany says:

    bring it on!!!! got a surprise for them, I will get $$$$$$$$$$$$ if this comes my way, they will pay dearly

  2. Sarah says:

    Can they get blood from a stone? Maybe. The courts seem to act like clubhouses for the debt collectin’ scumbags. It’s legal and it’s terrorism.

  3. dba says:

    This is very real folks…send a sherriff to your home with a summons to appear in court. Respond imediately…deny the debt…it was bought for less than pennies on the dollar. They are attorneys who pose as the ‘plaintiff’. Demand they send you a full accounting as well as the contract with the bank to collect this debt. Additionally alert them to the fact the bank no longer has an interest in the debt…they, the bank, took the credit write down then sells the uncollectable debt…everyone gets paid twice. Do your homework…they run away from consumers who possess courage to stand up to them…knowledge is power.
    These folks are debt collection attorney’s and are required by law to submit to all FDCPA regulations. Read thoroughly then inform them they must comply…watch them squirm. They must properly validate the debt.
    Worst case, offer them 5%…watch how quickly they’ll accept your offer.

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