Wells Fargo Forecloses on Florida Man Who Paid on Time, Early

A man who made loan modification payments on time and early said Wells Fargo stopped taking payments and started foreclosing on his house.



4 Responses to “Wells Fargo Forecloses on Florida Man Who Paid on Time, Early”
  1. Wake Up America! says:

    But, but…..the OCC/IFR says this has only happened to 53 people in the entire country.

    Seriously. Tens of thousands of Americans who never missed a mortgage payment have lost their homes as a result of a manufactured default. Servicers held their payment to intentionally cause a delinquency, slammed borrowers with forced placed insurance, etc. in order to “legitmately” steal homes.

    Lost your home? The bank propaganda machine is working overtime to cast you as a deadeat. Sadly, most believe the BS spewed by the banks.

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    @ Fedup – hahahaha! Wells Fargo are liars, cheats and scumbags. I will bet you 10 to 1 that those payments have NEVER been applied to his mortgage balance and is sitting in some “reserve” account just like Citi did to me! He can win this battle so I hope he has a knowledgable attorney. As for Pam Blondie, well, she may need some injections to her lips with all of the lip service that she gives.

  3. Crittermom says:

    Why does everyone seem so surprised?
    This same story has been around for literally years now.
    This is exactly what Chase Bank did to me, after making me pay those modified pymts under their “90 day trial period” for 16 months, saying they were “running behind due to overwhelming response for modifications”.
    I was told if I failed to make the pymts, my request for modification would be denied, so they strung me along for 16 months.
    They then foreclosed on me while I was making those pymts (known as “dual tracking”).
    They then began refusing my pymts.
    Finally, they took my home of 20 years, bought it back at auction, and sold it for 1/3 of what
    they had wanted from me.
    I’m one of about 8 million folks this has happened to by the Too Big to Jail banks
    It’s their common practice, and the fact What the Fargo bank is now saying they’ll work with him
    is only to appease the public. When the publicity dies down, they will take his home anyway.
    Sadly, old news…..
    (For excellent info regarding all of this, visit http://www.livinglies.wordpress.com)
    It will truly educate you, disgust you, & infuriate you.

  4. Fedup says:

    This home owner can thank AG Pam Bondi the AG just loves to suck the Wells Fargo CEO’s big…


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