Elizabeth Warren Asks New Treasury Secretary If He’ll Be As Bad On Big Banks As The Old One (VIDEO)

 Elizabeth Warren Asks New Treasury Secretary If He’ll Be As Bad On Big Banks As The Old One (VIDEO)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) grilled Treasury Secretary Jack Lew at a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Tuesday, pressing him for concrete answers on whether the department would continue his predecessor’s policy of rejecting steps to break up big banks.

Warren began by speaking about a string of scandals that emerged as a result of the continued existence of “too big to fail banks.” Despite this evidence and the fact that many officials have admitted the dangers to the economic system posed by big banks, Warren noted that various members of President Barack Obama’s administration have appeared unwilling to prescribe concrete measures to address them. She then pointed specifically to a quote from a Treasury official during former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s tenure that suggested the department had been instrumental in scuttling an earlier bipartisan amendment that would have enacted restrictions on “too big to fail.”

“The question I want to ask now is, has Treasury Department’s position changed, or are you still opposed to capping the size of the largest financial institutions?” Warren asked.

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5 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren Asks New Treasury Secretary If He’ll Be As Bad On Big Banks As The Old One (VIDEO)”
  1. Yode says:

    As much as I appreciate Elizabeth Warren asking the tough questions, this is just more smoke and mirrors. Dodd-Frank is as usless as a screen door on a submarine as far as reigning in the TBTF banks. ONLY A FULL REINSTATEMENT OF GLASS STEGALL will end the TBTF syndrome plaguing the world. This is why it is so opposed by the big money thieves and their co-conspirators at the Fed. Call your Senators and Congresspeople demanding Reinstatement of Glass Stegall http://larouchepac.com/node/26632

  2. Alabama John says:

    She is asking the questions but still no answers and nothing happening.

    How I hope she is not put up to do this by the bankers and financial folks to simply appease us little folks so we will not riot.

    Only time will tell !!!!

  3. MetalMama says:

    The new Treasury Secretary is a former thug from Chiti. So, there’s her answer!

  4. BOBBI SWANN says:

    He skimmed the issue and did the spin just like all the others before him as well as the rest of the Obama administration.

  5. gwen caranchini says:

    Here’s my “bitch”. Have the republicans or the democrats for that matter ever been so upset about the banks as they are about the IRS looking into whether certain groups are targeted. The banks targeted american home owners and nothing is being done to put them in jail. But we touch someone’s money they may owe the IRS and we want to impeach everyone in sight and do investigations. Its disgusting. GO ELIZABETH WARREN–YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE WORKING FOR THE AMERICAN HOMEOWNER IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

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