Zombie Foreclosure Shake (VIDEO)

Zombie Foreclosure Shake

Zombie foreclosures are taking over our communities! They bring community blight, increase crime and bring down property values. Can the zombie foreclosure apocalypse be stopped?



4 Responses to “Zombie Foreclosure Shake (VIDEO)”
  1. Well done ya’ll.This effects all of us in all communities.Go zombies take it the next phase.LMAO!!!

  2. tigers' den says:

    This one small group of people trying to do the right thing – has to resort to gimmicks just to get our government’s attention – bravo for them – but shame on the administration and financial entities – we need to have organizations like this one in every city in America – thanks for taking the time and putting yourselves out there to face the craziness! Truly deserving group – unlike our elected officials…

  3. Rebecca says:

    Some people have harder time trying to understand why and worse yet get stuck from loss destruction for others greed evil hateful selfishness causing destruction with pain much loss no one knows unless walked in my shoes
    It’s been very hard long drawn out for? Nothing so far unless you realize the banks keep getting the money not the citizens of United States sad very heart breaking for myself I’m stuck after 22 plus now 24 years displaced hanging on to memories alone


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