Judges blame banks for foreclosure slowdowns, but some see good in delay


Judges blame banks for foreclosure slowdowns, but some see good in delay

Half a decade since the housing bust, many foreclosures are showing their age. A quarter of cases now in Hillsborough court are at least 3 years old.

So who’s keeping Florida’s more than 350,000 pending foreclosures in court? Judges largely blame the banks. State court data show banks regularly delay cases so long that judges drop them for lack of action.

That’s right: The same industry facing billions of dollars in punishment for hastily whizzing foreclosures through court a few years ago now isn’t moving fast enough, court leaders say.

“Foreclosures should be one of the simplest forms of civil litigation … but the lenders are sometimes their own worst enemies,” said Thomas McGrady, chief judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit over Pinellas and Pasco counties.

“For whatever reason — a business decision, moratorium issues or they’re just overloaded — they don’t seem willing to push the cases they’ve filed,” he said.

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4 Responses to “Judges blame banks for foreclosure slowdowns, but some see good in delay”
  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Thomas McGrady….what a joke! I had a foreclosure hearing in Pasco County FL. The presideing judge told me that I could not speak!!! Yes, and when I tried to he told me to shut up. I wrote a letter of complaint to Judge Thomas McGrady and my response back….”there’s nothing I can do”. He is no better than all of the other corrupt judges in this Flori-duh state. And his words in this story just confirms what a waste he really is.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    If there is a court ordered discovery and a Bank (why the heck to they call them lenders they lent us nothing) does not produce documents to prove ownership the case should end. the courts hold on to these cases for what? The judge keeps hoping they produce proof of ownership so he doesnt have to give the house to the deadbeat homeowner???? The judges hold on to these cases to rule against the homeowner at every point. .

  3. charley rice says:

    There should now be moratorium issues on ALL the Wrongful 4closures brought on by the last 5 Prime TARP Bailout banks who are now double dipping on all SECURED ASSETS because those TRUSTS have been CLOSED by the ZOMBIE BANKS…

    Now they’re screwing with the REMIC status…

    They were ALL found GUILTY of FORECLOSURE FRAUD on December 23, 2010

    These banks who fraudulently claimed that they were assigned by the DEFUNCT Subprime bank is a breach of the AGREEMENT which was CANCELLED by the zombie banks. NOW it’s an Invalid Chain of assignments. So all should be VOID.

    Therefore without a VALID contract, there CAN’T be a Lawful 4closure, and NO standing for a JUDGE to Rule because HE has NO VALID case under the UCC law of CONTRACTS.

    In addition for a COURT to have JURISDICTION and to have a VALID case the “JUDGE MUST ESTABLISH FIRST” if BOTH parties ARE before the COURT and if BOTH SIGNATURES are in a “MUTUAL AGREEMENT” ON THAT CONTRACT under the rule of CONTRACT law.


    It’s/If NOT then it VOID and Falls Flat on its FACE.

    Then its “FRAUD IN THE FACTUM”

    It LOOKS like BOTH of THEM was AT FAULT.

    Therefore a Failure of Due Process,

    Ignorance of the law is NO Excuse…

    STOP being DECEIVED by THE COURTS, and the BANKS…


  4. Sarah says:

    Listen to this Judge. He can’t quite figure out why their are slowdowns. It’s common knowledge, but his honor can’t quite seem to be able to put his finger on it. That’a boy!

    “For whatever reason…”, Thomas McGrady

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