Rapid Fire Foreclosure Trials Clear Cases, Concern Attorneys

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Rapid fire foreclosure trials clear cases, concern attorneys

WEST PALM BEACH — A foreclosure case that loitered in Palm Beach County’s courts for more than four years was over in four minutes last week as judges hustle under a new order to clear dockets of aging files.

In less time than it takes to boil an egg, a judgment against borrower Clara Urgelles set a July 15 auction date for the condominium she bought in 2007. Urgelles put up no defense, didn’t attend the trial, and never called the condo home, according to county homestead exemption records.

Why the case lingered since November 2008 is anybody’s guess _ loans are sold, lawyers change, banks close and paperwork is lost, tossed or flawed.

But the delays are done. In February, Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc ordered foreclosures filed before July 1, 2010, be inventoried and set for trial.

Since the hearings began April 15, about 815 trials have been conducted. Another 750 are scheduled to be heard before June 30. Senior judges, brought in especially for foreclosures, are set to hear an additional 915 trials.

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  1. neidermeyer says:

    The bank will sell that condo CHEAP … the last thing they want is to pay condo association fees.

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