Governor Scott Signs Foreclosure Bill Into Law Appropriating Millions of Dollars from National Mortgage Settlement to Speed Up Foreclosures


Governor Scott Signs Foreclosure Bill Into Law Appropriating Millions of Dollars from National Mortgage Settlement to Speed Up Foreclosures

SB 1852

Some lowlights from the bill…

The nonrecurring sum of $5,262,579 is
   56  appropriated from the General Revenue Fund to the state courts
   57  system to provide technology solutions that expedite foreclosure
   58  cases through the judicial process.
The nonrecurring sum of $16 million is
   68  appropriated from the General Revenue Fund to the state courts
   69  system to provide supplemental resources, including, but not
   70  limited to, additional senior judge days and temporary case
   71  management staff in the trial courts to reduce the backlog of
   72  pending foreclosure cases.

The nonrecurring sum of $9.7 million is
   74  appropriated from the General Revenue Fund to the clerks of the
   75  court to enhance levels of service to assist and support the
   76  courts in expediting the processing of backlogged foreclosure
   77  cases.

Copy of the full bill here...


15 Responses to “Governor Scott Signs Foreclosure Bill Into Law Appropriating Millions of Dollars from National Mortgage Settlement to Speed Up Foreclosures”
  1. tookmyhome says:

    Are title issues a thing of the past with the foreclosure bill having been signed by Scott? By that I mean, title companies will no longer be hesistant to provide title insurance for a property even if the party that foreclosed is not the proper entity to have foreclosed? I think that is the case. I believe that you can no longer contest any issue in the foreclosure process. I also think this is retroactive. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  2. pbe62 says:

    I could’nt post this on the message board hopefully the people who need to see this will. Its the link to article for NC National Mortgage Settlement news.

  3. charley rice says:




    Because their lawyer CAN’T testify because THEY have NO first hand KNOWLEDGE…


  4. talktotennessee says:

    You have to put your money where your mouth is and your boots where the walking counts and work in campaigns to defeat these special interest crooks! Get them out of office! Convince people to stop listening to the same old tired hot button issues come campaign time when the real issues go by the wayside! Fight!

  5. talktotennessee says:

    Join the rest of the Nation for the NEW NO DOC foreclosure deal. If you guys don’t picket the STATE house, I have no respect. Don’t you just have to LOVE it! They are confiscating funds that rightfully should go to those defrauded by the mortgage and banking industry to facilitate foreclosing on these same fraudulent loans without modification, reduction of principal and other methods to provide remedy, much less valid direct reimbursement to those so defrauded. Now ou can join the rest of the non-judicial states that have NO OPTIONS unless they can find an attorney to sue the bank for their fraud and prove it in court. How many lawyers are doing that these days? Fighting the banks for those whose houses are confiscated by the banking industry to sell off to foreign investment buyers pennies on the dollar.
    Until we in this nation develop some backbone and a couple of other things, we will continue to be put out of service by the banking industry and Wall Street as facilitated by the legal system!
    NO Doc foreclosures!
    Don’t you just love it!
    This is much like our wars that are directed by Washington with boots on the ground from volunteers and contractors. Who gives a damn? Anyone except the person in the battle and their families?
    We stopped being one for all in the country a long time ago and became one for one and you get yours if you can.
    Yes, I am angry! We are watching the dumbing down of America and the destruction of the middle class a little at a time because we aren’t standing together to protect our rights. So those of us in Tennessee don’t hurt for those in Florida that are losing access to the Court because we lost ours a long time ago with a Republican dominated legislature that has successfully taken away rights of the individual in favor of a plutocratic society. When they say downsize the government what does that mean? It means downsize your Constitutional rights in favor of partisan state legislatures that are in the lobbyists pockets, wined and dined while no one pays any mind to old Jimmy Joe or Ron Bootscooter who they sent on up there to the State House to take care of thangs!
    Get a clue people! Why goes bad in Florida goes bad for the Nation and vice versa!

  6. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Wait just a minute! These are monies from the National Mortgage Settlement, correct? How in the world can he appropriate these funds into the general fund and then allocate those monies to ONLY the court system? This is not what the monies were meant to be used for. Isn’t there any type of monitoring done on these funds? Where’s the help to the people who have suffered the losses,etc. that are meant to be covered within this agreement?
    Can anybody challenge this? What a jackass Scott is.

  7. TheHutMaster says:

    Well folks, the WAR has begun to get nasty. The clown calling hiself Gov of Floriad just signed a declarition of War againt the citizens of Florida. We MUST vote this asshole OUT, and have him take his DOG, Pam Bondi, and his BOY, Atwater with him.

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day!

  8. ldynps says:

    When are the people in the State Of Florida going to OCCUPY the Statehouse? It is shocking that no riot’s are taking place? has the manpower to get this organized and we need to man together to make our voices heard!! Seems like we are all medicated with whatever the cem-trails are cause we aren’t yet mad enough??

  9. Tim says:

    SCOTT your sucking the big monsters ass……u make me sick!!!! your political career is shot balls. What big lies you told to get where you are….Im spending the rest of this week bad mouthing your suk-pump ass all over the internet!!!!

  10. Fedup says:

    You bastard Fk you too Rick Scott

  11. LM says:

    I don’t know how you can live in a place of such evil insanity. I hate Florida now, and wouldn’t live there if I got one of the illegally obtained foreclosures for FREE. The politicians are just far, far beyond DISGUSTING PIGS.

  12. Jr Goodman says:

    sealed his fate. I just hope we have the turnout required to get him out

    • neidermeyer says:

      If Crist runs against him he’ll win easily…

      • PCR says:

        When Crist was Governor, the banks had a free run to rob and steal. So, he will get the support of the banksters and the clueless. Naturally, that will mean the he will probably win, but of course, everyone will lose unless Scott vetoes HB 87.

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