Bondi Angered Over Bank of America’s Settlement Compliance

Bondi Dance

Bondi angered over Bank of America’s settlement compliance

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter to Bank of America this week with concerns over its compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement.

The letter addresses several alleged violations, including failing to comply with the settlement’s dual-tracking restrictions, which bar banks from moving forward with a foreclosure while working on a loan modification.

Other concerns include lengthy loan modification application processes, failing to assign each borrower a single person to work with, and failing to oversee foreclosure attorneys to ensure they have updated and accurate information.

“It is deeply concerning to me that it takes my staff’s direct involvement to get results I would expect to be achieved under the settlement without any facilitation on our part,” Bondi wrote. “Even more concerning are the troubling patterns that are emerging from our review of complaints, clearly pointing to possible larger systemic problems regarding Bank of America’s implementation of the settlement’s servicing standards.”

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6 Responses to “Bondi Angered Over Bank of America’s Settlement Compliance”
  1. leapfrog says:

    Bondi Barbie is pissed because Kamala Harris made her look bad. Harris is also smarter and better looking. Harris at least attempted to play hard-to-get with the banksters, while Bondi eagerly fellated them. If a political opportunist like Harris can make Bondi look bad by comparison, Bondi MUST really be a bank ho. I hope the good people of Florida cast bank-puppet-Bondi out next election.

  2. Whip says:

    ” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter to Bank of America this week with concerns over its compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement. ” Completely Laughable!

    BONDI aint done jack duedue since she been in office. Shes Worthless & Uninterested in Floridians DUE PROCESS RIGHTS suffice “Prostitution 87 “. So this Letter is Contradictory on its Face!!

    Im shocked she wrote a letter PERIOD on the Fact shes remained silent for Years on the Mortgage Fraud that has Stripped DUE PROCESS from the Law books, only to have HER BOSS GOV SCOTT sign ” 87 “.

    One thing for sure, BONDI & SCOTT are toast for Re-Election. They already pissed off the Policsters & TeachSters Unions! Stick a Fork in it!

  3. ldynps says:

    What was our Attorney General thinking? That she could stop the fraud being perpetrated on Florida homeowners by the hundreds of thousand under attack by the banks by signing a “deal” with the devil? Reading the millions of complaints filed in Court cases every day around the country all stating the same issues, an elected official may want to actually do something for the homeowners being left homeless…What was she thinking? She and the other AG’s deal with the banks resulting in payments from $300 – $3,000 for the banks stealing our homes?? She cannot be voted back into office as she clearly doesn’t “get it”….unbelievable….really!

  4. Carmine Santulli says:

    I have had trouble with Bank of America. Asked for a modification and they did not help me. Went to a lawyer to get it done. In turn they sent me foreclosure papers. Now they send me a trial period on a modification. I am ready to sue them.

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