Bondi gives Wells Fargo a Wednesday deadline to respond to settlement concerns

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Bondi gives Wells Fargo a Wednesday deadline to respond to settlement concerns

Wells Fargo has joined Bank of America on Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s list of possible violators of the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement.

Last week, Bondi wrote a stern letter to Bank of America with examples of homeowner concerns and problems her own attorneys have had in trying to help borrowers who are covered by the settlement. The letter preceded a June 5 meeting with the lender.

But last month, the attorney general’s office also met with Wells Fargo representatives in Chicago to discuss “concerns about potential compliance issues surfacing in borrower complaints received by my office as well as other states.”

In a letter sent Friday to Wells Fargo, Bondi asks that the company let her office know by Wednesday when it will have a plan on how to answer those concerns.

“Wells Fargo committed at the meeting to provide the states more detail about the steps banks will take in response to complaints and to improve compliance with the Settlement’s Servicing Standards,” the letter states. “To that end, I ask that you let us know by Wednesday, June 12, when we may expect a response from Wells Fargo regarding how you will be substantively addressing our concerns.”

Bondi said 65 of the 293 complaints forwarded to the independent monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement were about Wells Fargo.

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  1. thomas a traver says:

    I am currently in a legal battle with wells fargo. they approved a loan modification, i made the first 3 payments early and then they got the appraisal & found out i have over 100k in equity & suddenly they claim we never signed the final papers so they took our house. I called them when I* got a foreclosure notice & they said that was just in place until the paperwork cleared. While I was in St Augustine one weekend they padlocked my house. They took my clothes my pets my history. I lived in that house for 15 years & they just stole it and all my belongings. They let me know that they would drag this out until I owed my attorney so much money that I would lose even if I won. And the sad pat is they are right. My attorney gets 40% plus expenses & after 3 years I am sure that I am in the hole. They have to pay their attorneys whether they are working or not but I have to live in a small little apt without so much as my parents ashes. Some way to treat a double bronze metal award winner from the army. They put my whole family on the street, including two children & nobody cares. I don’t really expect this to do any good as Gov Scotts office sent me to the comptroller of the currency that said they couldn’t do anything because I was in the middle of legal action but I figured it was worth a try.

    sincerely, thomas traver

  2. Gold Coast says:

    For:Pam Bondi and the Florida Watch Force ! Well as the true victims wait for “In God We Trust” our American Dream ? We wait, watch, suffer ! Thru the mistakes that are in full gear as we live ! 25 Billon dollar genetic Band-Aid ? Due to public pressure,this tallow brick road continues ! 13 Banks agreed to this major scam ? As I read again a pick a card to cover the incompetent strategy ?What about THE TITLE COMPANIES ? BRYAN BLY ? off course the lieing firm Shapiro Fish ! Example :CITI BANK = “CITI RESIDENTIAL” ? “Linda Green A Example Of the Band/Aid ” Ahsmi = Deutch Bank=Homeward=Ocwen Bank=Resdential Solutions=and now ? Who else is in the this to aquire fraudulent chain of on going criminal acts ? Not to leave out the officers of the courts political participations ! BOTTOM LINE ! CRIMINAL CHARGES ! YOU ALL MADE THIS MISTAKE IN YOUR MYSTERY ROAD TO JUSTICE ! WASTING TIME AND CONTINUE TO HURT ! HIDE ! FROM ? THE WHITE COLLAR “TO BIG TO TOUCH” Crimes ! Just observing the facts and history of this BS Media Band/Aids is an INSULT ! to our system of our laws ! LETS SEE IF YOU MAKE MISTAKES ? MORE THAN 1 ? 2 ? 3 ?~~Sad is not the words to say !

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