BofA Gave Bonuses to Foreclose on Clients, Lawsuit Claims

Bank of America Stealing Homes

BofA Gave Bonuses to Foreclose on Clients, Lawsuit Claims

Bank of America Corp., the second-biggest U.S. lender, rewarded staff with cash bonuses and gift cards for meeting quotas tied to sending distressed homeowners into foreclosure, former employees said in court documents.

Mortgage workers falsified records and were told to delay U.S. loan-assistance applications by requesting paperwork that the Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank had already received, according to statements from ex-employees filed last week in federal court in Boston. The lender improperly disqualified applicants to the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, according to a May 23 statement from Simone Gordon, a loss-mitigation specialist who left the company in 2012.

“We were regularly drilled that it was our job to maximize fees for the bank by fostering and extending delay of the HAMP modification process by any means we could,” Gordon said. Managers instructed staff to “delay modifications by telling homeowners who called in that their documents were ‘under review,’ when in fact, there had been no review,” she said.

Bank of America, which has spent more than $45 billion to settle claims tied to its 2008 takeover of Countrywide Financial Corp., is being sued by homeowners who didn’t receive permanent loan modifications after making payments under trial programs, according to court papers. Statements from seven former loan employees were included in a filing last week as part of plaintiffs’ attempt to gain class-action status. The lender has denied the allegations.

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6 Responses to “BofA Gave Bonuses to Foreclose on Clients, Lawsuit Claims”
  1. Mary says:

    Great video!!! You made me laugh because I am one of the millions facing foreclosure proceedings AGAIN now with BofFuckingAmerica!!! And I’m at my last witts of what to do and can’t afford an attorney!!! I swear to God, I ask for His help every single day and more and more I think Satan is entering me because I want to kill every fucking person at BoFA!!!!!! that has screwed me over and destroyed my credit so I can’t even get another mortgage!!!!Not an FHA or USDA mortgage now either!!!!! Due to serious low scores due to BofA not doing their job the way they told me the loan mod would be done in 45-60 days from Sept. 2009 and instead they filed foreclosure on me!!!!! I fought that off for little over than a year and judge throughout because BOFA had it on the books too long, Now they aredoing it again and I’m not sure I can last much longer!!!!I am only alive today not only because they have pissed me off so far, but because I went to emergency room 2x for major chest pain & then had to see cardiologist who did many tests and findings are no damage to my heart BUT due to long period of stress(more than 6mos) can actually cause a person to have a heart attack and could die!!!

    But I’m alive because of my animals!!!!! Only because of my animals!!!! I have 5 indoor cats and 3 dogs and I couldn’t kill them inorder to kill myself so I’m alive because of their unconditional love for me and my unconditional love to all of them!

    that is the only reason oh and maybe because I’m a Christian woman and because of not only my love for God & Jesus, but my fear of God too, that I may not go to heaven if I were to harm myself and not live because of it!?

    • Mary, maybe you’re just on a rant, but you should NEVER consider killing yourself!

      Don’t be like these idiots and cowards that kill themselves — but leave the house INTACT for the bank to take sooner and easier! I mean, you would think they’d burn the house and THEN kill themselves, right? Nope! A coward’s surrender was enough for them.

      If the bank’s were an occupying army, those who aid and work for them would be considered collaborators and executed for treason! The recent BoA “whistle-blowers” that say there “forced” and used” are nothing but complicit monkeys that fuel the machine foreclosing on America! They did it for the MONEY, just like ANY bank executive!

      Still, you should NEVER consider killing yourself!

      At the very least, REMEMBER that the house is your legal property UNTIL a foreclosure judgment is made. UNTIL then, if you’re certain of the outcome of the future, remember that you reserve an OWNER’S RIGHT TO DESTROY PROPERTY!

      Call it a “late-term remodel” if you must, but gut the walls, the wiring, the plumbing, the floors and fixtures. Leave them with nothing but a hollow shell of a building that not even a third-world family would occupy! If the bank sues, tell them you started the remodel right before they decided to foreclose, which is when you decided not to finish it. Simple!

      The banks mantra for dealing with the public: “Give them nothing, but take from them everything!”

      It may be time to respond in kind.

      God bless you Mary!

      • Mary says:

        In response to the wonderful person who answered above about me killing myself. No it was not a joke! I am at my wits end with BofA, but your response about me having all the rights to my house until it actually foreclosure judgement. I would not had thought of what you advised nor did I think anything like that so thanks for giving me the idea. the only other problem is I live with all my babies, my pets are my children, and I would have no where to go IF I just gave up and gave my home to BofFuckingAmerica, and since they are truly who keep me alive, and my belief & faith in God & Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I wouldn’t have any money to put down on a new home! So I’d have no place to live and I will NOT give up my children because if I were to lose them, that would be it for me, done, finale! And that would push me over the final edge.

        I appreciate your kind words, and I pray not only for myself to beat BofA ass, but for all peopole in America losing their homes to these assholes and getting away with it with nothing legally being done to them, banksters!

        So God Bless y

    • Tom says:

      My dear Mary, OMG you have just described the stress I’ve been enduring since Oct.’12. I just dropped off all the paperwork with a housing counselor today. I gotta try one more time.Let someone else deal with them corrupt and immoral bastards. I believe the training went way beyond lies; these people knew they would be responsible for multiple mental breakdowns and suicides. You are wise to recognize that when we fill ourselves with negativity and hatred the demons are quick to move in. Please do not let them win. A Loving heart today and eternal life are all that really matter; and yes I believe your sweet kitties and puppies will be there with you. I have 4 cats, a dog, and a Cockatoo, ohh and a 16yo son as well. God Bless you sweetie and keep the Faith. Tom in Va.

      • Mary says:

        thanks for your comments, Tom. I’m at my last time of fighting BofA. Do you know anybody that I can contact to help me? I live in Southern Maryland(10mins from VA line and 2hrs north of Virginia Beach)I’m trying to get to the Nashville area to open my new business(es) and am STUCK here as I’ve been fighting them since Nov. 2009! Wanted to put my house on market Feb.2010 but BofA screwed my credit rating soooooooo badly that now I can’t get another mortgage, PLUS I need the cash from this house that I would make IF I can beat BofA and I just can’t afford an attorney but need help. Maybe an atty. that would not need a lot of cash up front and then if he/she wins the case, can take balance out of winnings.

        Let me know, send me an email:

        Anybody else reading this too, if you know anybody that I can call to help me before I do something drastic, I’d really appreciate it.

        Thanks, Mary

  2. aceshigh123 says:

    FUCK YOU BOA Etal…
    Just in case you FUCKERS are deaf and cant hear me, here it is in Sign…

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